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Thread: Wireless from GS to Goggles

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    Wireless from GS to Goggles

    Hello everyone, i want to go wireless from my GS to my goggles. Now my whole videosystem is based on 5,8 but i would also like to use 5,8 for the link from GS to goggles, is that going to be a problem?
    I have 2 5,8 Iftron receivers in my GS, one with SPW and one with a Helical now i want to add a 5,8 200mw TX for the link to my goggles with a SPW.
    Can i just do this as long as i use 2 different channels ore is there something else i should do?



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    If you are going to try at least pick channels at opposite ends of the frequency range.

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