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Thread: Wobble wobble. Shake it shake it. QAV 400 hula dancer

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    Wobble wobble. Shake it shake it. QAV 400 hula dancer

    Hello everyone. I am having some serious trouble with this quad. I have posted a video to describe.

    Lumenier QAV400
    1100kv motors
    30a Esc SimonK
    all stock kit stuff.
    Multistar 4S 5200 mah
    Naza M v2
    iOSD Mark ii
    immersionRC ezUHF 8 channel RX
    immersionRC 600mw Av TX
    HQ Props Slowflyer 8x4.5

    if anyone can shed some light on this it would be great. I have calibrated the compass and IMU. Have not had any crashes as it is brand new. Nothing appears bent as the wobble doesn't happen she the motors are initially engaged.
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    Have you checked everything on the frame for anything loose? Is the flight controller firmly attached to the frame? Have you balanced the props? Are the motor bolts firmly screwed in?
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    Tune it.

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