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Thread: 2.4ghz Control Megathread - Spektrum, Futaba, FrSky, etc

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    I'm looking for a tx radio recommendation. 2.4ghz - I fly almost exclusively fixed wing FPV. I need something I can plug my Fatshark Attitudes in to and get head tracking. Budget is very limited - $150 max.

    I plan to use this radio with a Lemon Rx. Thank you in advance!

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    9x would be my suggestion for that budget, or for a couple of extra bucks the taranis.
    "You get what you put in, and people get what they deserve"
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    can some one help a newbe out please.i have a vortex pro 250 . I want to use a spectrum sat reciver. a sat cable came with the pro,can i use that? or do i have to get a special cabel to convert the rec to ppm

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    yea i like the x9d plus

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    Would the Frsky X4R receiver be adequate for short to medium range FPV? Even behind trees?

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