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Thread: Which Radio?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CAMOMAN View Post
    Why do ppl favor Taranis for fpv? The audible alarms and messages?
    because it has mixing features normally only found in radios that are in a much higher pricepoint, (or are not found in anything else at all). You can do pretty much any mixing you want, including delays or slow movement. It also has the little flippy-do's for your index fingers, and most of the switches are 3-position rather than 2 position. It also has the port in the back for plugging in a LRS. The gimbals are silky smooth... the list goes on.

    want to flip a switch that will peg your throttle where you had it and allow you to control your pan/tilt with your left stick? you can do that.

    want your glider spoilers on a switch but have them come up over 10 seconds instead of instantly? you can do that.

    can't remember what switch does what? set up voice files to speak the mode, you can do that.

    did I mention the knobs have a centering detent and optional beep? on my JR, I had to guess where center was.

    I haven't even mentioned telemetry...
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    Yea, saved me a bunch of typing I hate. It took a little but the Taranis is super flexible and my quads are all set up a little differently to do what they do best. I gutted 2.4 stuff out of mine as I fly 900 MHz and even ability to do that is very useful! Is a good deal!

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    How about a jr pcm 9x with 2.4 module

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    I just bought the TBS Tango and the setup was a breeze with the crossfire. The stick feel with my wing, gives a much better interaction, compared to my DX8.

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    I just got the q x7 based on the research I've done. I am currently looking for a mini and 5 inch bnf quads that are frsky compatible. Suggestions are welcome!

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    Good luck with finding a BNF. You will need a FRSky receiver to put in a quad.

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    I've seen a few mini's and micro quads that come with frsky receivers. Typically bnf means spektrum. But there are exceptions.

    Gearbeast has that in the options of the bnf quads. I havn't flown any of these. But had noticed while browsing. Hope that helps.

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    Which Radio?

    I ended up getting a beta fpv tiny (beta65s) and then will get the hawk5.

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