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Thread: Starting build on 60" zephyr

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    sorry about the crash radial.

    just need to drum into you, use these settings, it will not fly properly without the basics.

    ailerons 1.5cm each way
    elevator 1cm each way
    CG 10.5 inches from the nose
    keep all heavy gear as close to the center of the wing as possible (not out on the wings)

    i also use 60% expo but really it is up to you. if you fly pinching the sticks you might not need any.

    to glue EPP i would either use hotglue or PU. probably hotglue. you need to be fast with it but it will stick like shit to a blanket. and now that you have a glue joint it is advisable to also 3m90+weave over it to make it really strong.

    as for the nut on the prop adapter i either use a nyloc nut or threadlocker.

    hope its back in the air soon!

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    I lost my camera mount the same way you lost your motor mount last month. Don't use CA, it's too stiff. Epoxy is probably too stiff too, although there's lots of different types of epoxy and some would be better than others. PU or maybe 3M90 would be good. I'm not sure what's best though. I used Epoxy, PU (white gorilla glue) and hot glue in a totally over-thought way on my camera mount... and it worked fine.

    I had some trouble with loosing the prop nut. I found some nuts at the hardware store with a matching threads per inch (took a while to find the right one) and now I have two nuts on there, tightened against each other. Locktite should work too, but I don't think the thread direction would help. At least in my case, I use the brakes, so fast starts and fast stops are both going to stress it in the respective directions.
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    It's been really quiet on my front because I was working on alternative projects, so didn't find time to fly out again after the repairs. Today however, I decided it was time just before the cold really sets in. Did a couple of laps around a completely featureless, boring terrain (no people!). Worked out great. The only irritable issues were
    1. the OSD blanking out. latest firmware, UHF blank set to None, so it must be something else.
    2. the horrible white film over the image. I checked things by hooking this up to my TV at home through a direct cable and the same thing happens there. I reckon it's something related to the strength of the signal, as when I set the level to its lowest setting, the white film is less. Higher level setting increases the white film. Not sure what can be done there, maybe a resistor?

    So yeah... just learning how to fly this thing properly. Got most issues worked out and when I get more XP, I'll probably be able to tune things a bit better even. Good numbers on the OSD all around, nice reception. Was using a little 8dB directional patch, which explains how video performance differs.

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    Ok.. so in the short life of this Zephyr, it already suffered a lot. Today I took it out for some circuits and finally it actually got to see some serious flight time. Camera issues more or less fixed - white balance issue. Love the experience, love the way this thing behaves... it's very specific.

    I notice in the video that I seem to jerk the plane back to level every so often, probably because the propeller torque at that particular current isn't in line with trimming. Would love to get some feedback from the experts on how they handle that. I don't think the GoPro footage shows this very well, because the GoPro has such extreme angles. Maybe the lateral controls are still a bit too sensitive.

    Check out @ 4:06 for some serious loss of control (0%). I eventually realized that this move were very close to a double antenna null. The TX was 45 deg upwards with the RX pointing straight at me. It's not far from the worst antenna configuration that you could imagine.

    For the rest, flying was a blast. It's finally coming together....

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