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Thread: multirotor stuff

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    multirotor stuff

    Hey pete when you gonna start carrying multirotor stuff? Seems to be the new big thing..
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    Hey Squish,

    What kind of stuff do you want to see? Controllers, frames, motors and props? I need to look into carrying some Naza and APM stuff.


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    carry a ublox GPS already configured to 5Hz and a multiwii board with MPU6050. DJI is awful. i flew 3 naza powered quads for people at the last FPV meet, was not impressed. APM is a hassle.

    I could send you some of my frames. I'm looking for another USA distributor. I've got an Australian reseller also. I have custom wound Tiger motors coming in for my frames so those will be available.

    Email Gemfan and get a list of their pricing on props. I have the list and prices are really low. $5.20 for 2x 8045 CF props. Email RCTimer and stock a bunch of the 20A and 30A simonk ESC in the store also. Maybe get some of the crius power distro boards and bullet connectors. That's about all you need to start off the quad store
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    Thanks for the suggestions Chatch. I sent you a pm about your frames.

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