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Thread: Can anyone recommend a camera for a Piper Cub

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    Smile Can anyone recommend a camera for a Piper Cub

    Hello all, I've been advised to visit this site by a friend.

    I currently fly over in England.
    Part of my fleet is a Flair Piper Cub 72" with a foam veneer wing. The model actually is overpowered and flies very well below half throttle even in windy conditions.

    Now I am looking for a camera that is easily mountable and could be hung below the undercarriage. There is probably 5-6" of clearance maybe a little more between the bottom of the fuselage and the ground.
    I'd like it to have either have a SD Card or some sort of data link via USB, so I can hook it upto my laptop at the field.

    My initial thoughts was to buy a go pro HD, but the cost is putting me off a little. Can anyone make any recommendations of a camera that has a very reasonable image quality/ resolution? At a reasonable price?

    Many Thanks


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    I have a couple of these and use for my FPV experience, good quality image, great price, SD Card and data cable.

    I've also heard this might be a good option also.
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