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Thread: Adding Music to Videos... Do's, Don'ts, and Tips

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    Adding Music to Videos... Do's, Don'ts, and Tips

    Please share your tips on adding music to videos. What to do, not to do, and any other tips that you have.
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    DO: SAIL. awolnation

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    Use any song by Blackmill, they don't notice it..
    But for some reason some people don't like dubstep/electronic music in their FPV videos. Strange...

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    Because dubstep requires multirotors doing elevator trips up while the bass rides down.. *grrrronkk, wobble wobble*
    A good chugging four on the floor house track always works. Dancing is flying..

    Also, learn the difference between dips to white and black and how/why they're used differently. :P

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    Pick music the suites the footage - Skrillx does not work for slow scenic shots.
    Try and match transitions to changes in songs or the up or down beat, even more critical with a hard cut.
    Always credit the artist and name the song in the captions.

    All I can think of for now

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    No matter how bad ass your footage is, free bird... forget it, 6 minutes = too long... those should be 2 videos, over 5 minutes and they are walking for the most part, 4 minutes or so you can hold a good majority IF your footage is compelling and stable, 3 minutes nice, 2 minutes worth staying to the end, 1 minute... what have you got to loose.

    Now, I'm not saying you can't make those longer videos... but lets face it... they are for the creator to enjoy, so enjoy your flying and don't worry about who's watching it!

    There are rare exceptions to those rules, but pretty much what I've found from videos I've posted and tried to watch in FPV. I aim for 3-5 minute videos if I've got good footage to share. I realize that's not totally on the music side, but most have music and a great song doesn't always warrant watching that long of FPV if you want people to stay to the end. Our ADD world, go figure.

    As for which songs to add, search for them on YouTube first and if you don't find them yet they are an old song they might be blocked by the publisher and you just edited a video people can't see. I have one that used a DJ Shadow song and for some reason it can't be viewed in Germany. Sorry Germans.

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    Any longer than 2-3 mins i never watch to the end! I will watch a long video if the make puts a content on the front like Crash at 4:06 boobies at 4:59 etc...

    I love soaring videos! Just pick some tuned that you like that fit the video and you should be good!

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    The trick is to remember that the music sets the stage and therefore the mood. In the movies (specifically the trailers) we often hear large bands with all sorts of classical instruments to set the stage saying "this is epic" without us having to be told. In my low altitude obstacle dodging videos, the music is upbeat and aggressive to set the stage for an adrenaline filled ride.

    You also need to understand how to time scenes. Nobody cares what order you actually flew each scene, so putting them in chronological order is kind of pointless. Select scenes in your videos and time them to music crescendos a chord changes.

    Do not lose your audience. Trappy said it best: never repeat the same move three times. In other words, keep each scene unique and new.

    Keep it short. End the song early if it is long. The likelihood of anyone watching your video is inversely proportional to its length. If it ends before the music is over, nobody really cares.

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    And of course... audio won't make up for bad editing. What Alex said, plus some investigation into what makes a good edit. Here's some tips:

    There's the "7-second cut rule". After 7 seconds watching the same sequence, people start to get bored and anxious to find out what happens next. Unless you're showing awesome scenery or running downhill or down skyscrapers, that's edge-of-seat kind of action. if you have footage of the airplane, you can switch camera angle in the shot to show it from the plane and then from the ground. This timeline may easily overlap.

    A video is basically a story with a context. To show the context, there's the '3-shot' rule. A "wide" shot, showing the area where action will take place. A medium shot, showing development and preparation for the action. A closeup shot, showing the initiation of the action and when you take off from there... the viewer has an idea of what to expect and will appreciate the video a bit more (probably).

    First select the mood you want. The mood determines how fast your cuts should be and which takes you get from the video. A highly limiting factor here is that you only have one camera angle, so in general cuts do tend to be a bit longer. You can play around with other techniques like acceleration, cutting out 1 second parts (basically making it a timelapse) to maintain interest and not lose context. There will be parts in the video that are most awesome, so focus on that and make sure the audio plays along (music going up in key == ascending, music going down in key == descending).

    My favourite FPV edit is TBS's video, "Formation Proximity". For me, this really shows how you pace the action with audio and how you start telling the story:

    The audio has a great initial intro, then another intro sequence where the drums begin and eventually develops into the real song where you here "take it away". The initial intro is used to show some of the brands used for making the video, the second intro sequence is used to show the technology itself with some people that are involved and starts to tell the story of 'how it works'. It'll show a plane launched, a run down the hill and then a medium shot of a different camera angle of the formation flyer (clever!), showing the video you just saw is definitely from that thing that was just launched. So the context is set. It then shows a guy on the ground with a cam making shots, which explains how the closeups were made. Then you get the shots from the plane itself thereafter with other angles without focusing too much on the people on the ground doing that. The rest is a clever play of camera angles from the plane in front, in the back and the guys from the ground. Count the time between cuts and you'll see it amounts to 2-7 seconds or so per shot and how the shots "support" the others by telling the same thing from a different angle. At some point the music becomes a bit slower and you see more wide shots in the video, long shots of mountain ranges to develop an idea of the vastness of the mountain range. The barbeque and getting the fire going with props to establish a 'cultish' feel to the entire thing. It then cuts back to the action and shows other shots that were awesome. The outro is done by the planes 'plummeting' downhill in victory rolls.

    And that... is how you make an awesome video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chicken sashimi View Post
    DO: SAIL. awolnation

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