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Thread: Fat Shark M.I.G. Head Tracker and Futaba T8FG Transmitter. Help!

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    Fat Shark M.I.G. Head Tracker and Futaba T8FG Transmitter. Help!

    I Just bought a Fat Shark M.I.G. head Tracker and am connecting it with the Futaba Data Cable to my Futaba T8FG transmitter. I am using the default channels 5 and 6 for the pan and tilt servos of my camera mount. I went into the trainer setup menu and set 5 and 6 to "Func" as described in the manual. I am getting no movement of the camera. No signal is getting to the receiver from the Futaba radio.

    Possibly I am missing something relating to the "student PPM stream" or "selective student channel mixing."

    Can someone help me? Thanks.

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    Please post your question in the head tracking support sticky thread with a link to the English manual of your radio.
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    FatShark, Thank you for the direction and advice which I followed. This is my first time on FPVLab and I don't know my way around. I hope to get some help with my M.I.T. Head Tracker problem. I think the device is most likely working and the problem is with my programing. I did post a link to radio. If you need to delete this thread, I will understand.

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