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Thread: DJI RTF Phantom Quadcopters now in stock with free UK next day delivery

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    DJI RTF Phantom Quadcopters now in stock with free UK next day delivery

    We are so excited to have these great new RTF quadcopters in stock. They have a great design, great technology and they are very simple and stable. We have just received them and are offering free UK next day delivery so why not get one now?

    We also think this video is a cool little clip highlighting some of the Phantom's features:

    We believe the best features are the high intensity LED Indicators, to aid orientation during flight, the fact that it comes from the factory completely preconfigured meaning you can begin straight away without any complicated setup procedures and it is very stable yet agile. It is a very impressive bit of equipment!

    Just ask us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

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    Do you have any news on the DJI Phantom Vision ?
    Will I be able to get the vision camera separately if I buy a phantom before it is released ?

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