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    Sentry pointed me toward this website and, from what I've seen in this brief time, it's loaded with lots of great info. Thanks, Sentry.

    I flew line-control planes when I was a kid. Had a plastic crash-proof Cox PT-19 trainer and eventually built planes from balsa and silkspan. Never did do anything with RC until a few years ago. But I never did lose interest.

    Eventually I decided to jump in and start flying RC helicopters. With no recent experience, I'm basically starting from scratch.

    Although I'm a licensed pilot, I haven't flown anything for a long time, and RC helicopters are a totally different discipline. I don't even know how to do a banked turn yet!

    While FPV is very cool all by itself, my ultimate goal is to be able to use this for video work. My real job is producing a fishing show for local television (HawaiiGoesFishing.com). Every once in a while it would be great to get a nice scenic aerial without having to spend several hundred dollars per hour for a 10-second clip. And also be able to get the kind of shots that aren't possible with full scale aircraft.

    Most of all, the technical challenges are intriguing. Right now I'm working on building a stabilized gimbal mount. I'm not going to have a helicopter big enough to use this on, not yet. But instead I plan to use it on a boat to get stabilized shots of other watercraft. Because trying to get a tight handheld shot from a rolling, pitching boat is pretty tough. I can also use it as a remote-controlled camera for other production work.

    Thank you in advance to everyone for sharing your experience and knowledge. And if I come up with something worthy of attention I'll be sure to post it here.


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    Glad to have you aboard and look forward to innovations you might develop.

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    Welcome aboard - and YES, if I lived in HI you BETTER BELIEVE I'd develop some pretty stout FPV rigs - it's beautiful there! Welcome aboard - you're in good company.
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