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Thread: SAR Mission - Questions....rotor specific

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    SAR Mission - Questions....rotor specific

    So had a couple hours and went out in search of BackLashRC's lost Hex - it's been gone 6 months or 7 months now.

    Pretty ugly traversiing that area but not quite as bad as the Quad when we went after it.
    Based on what Mark was telling me about seeing neighborhoods I have to think it's in the pink lined area, which is 100% blackberries and swamps- maybe gone forever unless we go back with machetes...still not as bad as the last place though and I did manage to get through there.

    The red line is where I went. Man I saw the biggest 4 point buck back there...gorgeous.

    Now, lets toss heads together, he was at 600' lets say, somewhere between 400 and 600, a couple days later we find a hawk with a broken wing or leg or something - dehydrated and had been there for a while..
    The green lined area is walked DAILY by the farmer, trails everywhere and if it were back there it would have been found by now - zero doubt.

    So, my assumption is that he was hit by a hawk, it was June, they are voracious about that time of the year..
    Mark said he saw neighborhoods. He took goggles off, couldn't acquire, had zero control but it was spinning and he saw neighborhoods when he put goggles back on.

    Last thing he saw was neighborhoods as it was descending - my thinking is, like my EZStar and my own Tricopter - he hit a branch and ripped a wire or the Vtx or antenna and video went out instantly - he never saw it hit...tells me he's in a tree.
    We walked the fields and flew the fields - it's not there.

    Has to be to the SW, my it's ugly back there.

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    We went into a forest back in Nov to recover a Zephyr.

    * Red lines were my projections of where it flew based on last known good visible frame from the ground station.
    * Yellow pin just south of the long red line was where it was found.

    I came within 80 ft' of that bird but walked right past it. It wasn't until a second pass that it was recovered. I mention that because as thorough as your search grid looks, you could have just as easily walked right by it, or worse yet - it's up in a tree as you mentioned. My feeling is that it probably punched through the canopy, there's just not a lot to get hung up on. I wouldn't take anything for granted even the farmer's path. The fact that you found that hawk all banged up is a good tip and could very well have been the cause, i just don't know if it's possible for him to have hobbled from the pink zone to the area you found it in.

    My guess would be it's actually closer to where you found the hawk than you think. In our SAR, I went through the area with a machete, and it was a slog. I also strapped a GPS logger to my backpack so I could confirm the exact path I took. If I had to go back a 2nd time, I didn't want to waste my time retracing my steps so that was critical (that was the blue line in the pic I linked).

    I think you've got a good handle on the search zone - it's just going to take boots on the ground to find.

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    Good luck and my condolences, since based on the time that it has been out there, it's questionable what may be worth recovering. I know how I felt when I lost my plane. I did the same thing, google earth, mapped out my flight area, and where I thought it might be. And dutifully trekked the area, recruiting friends to help. It's a sad part of this hobby I guess.

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