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Thread: Ground station MkII (with Arduino)

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    maybe you like to test mine software outside , you wil be the first one !! i already see it in your plastic case with a laptop !!
    Do you want to be the first one to test it ? check my building of stuf on youtube ,

    i can change it for you customise it ? for your needs , i re wrote the alien tracker for Arduino ,
    you need one Rssi signal and antena tracker servo . maybe you like to check it out ?

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    first i used a velleman usb testing board .
    butt the Arduino is cheaper and more compatible
    i changed the software to Aurduino ,
    i also did some experiments with the KK2.0 for extra sensors inputs ,
    also used the video input from a usb grabber ,
    i made overlays and things like that ,
    wrote some tools and stuff ,
    you can see the progres of the antenna tacker , on youtube , dxtbot in the older videos
    Now , i have the tracker working with some cool xtra functions and things i can up date ,
    i also use a WiiMOTE to control some things , like a remote ,
    I also used the sensors i can conect them and use them as read out horizontal compas ,
    and this wii board is real light and also have buttons and ledd i can control .
    now i have also a Ir cam build in the WImote ,
    what if i track IR on the quad , and not the RSSI ,
    this is what happened , LOL
    i can write some cool stuf ,
    like what if i use button A on the remote as a sensor for when i am landed ,
    i can make it in the control panel of the software ,
    i can also put the wii mote on the quad , like my older videos
    and use it as a sensor read out ,
    real cheap , check my funky videos ,
    and maybe there is somebody that wants to test some of this funky peace of tech ,
    the tracker works on RSSI signal ,not like al others NO GPS NEEDED
    can even pin point your cell phone signal ,
    but the WIIMOTE option is optionable , on of ,
    but nice to do some things with ,
    i also made a ANPR function for reading OCR from a snap shot ,
    i can put openCV stuff in there ,

    About the needs for this project ,
    Arduino ,
    RssI signal , or use it for a PMR/70Cm radio ,works on al signals
    a servo , and a antenna that fits your profile ,
    if you want to use the WII mote , Bluetooth and a WII mote ,
    for the IR tracking , 2 IR LED , on the quad , just like the wiibar
    i can use this in the future for remote control , and things like that , but i don't trust the IR tracking for this , butt think of the functions that can be soldered on to the WII MOTE 2 react on things , feed back to software and feed back back to the trainer input .,
    need to know more let me know , need some help with some software or stuff let me know , i am borred !!
    lets build some cool stuff , cheap !!

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    Nope sorry for this GS I'll only use the arduino to handle monitoring and the RVGS will handle any antenna tracking.

    However I'm interested in making an antenna tracker for PMR although it would be another project, have you uploaded schematics and code somewhere?

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    Now I've roughly decided my layout which means I'm ready to start up Solidworks!

    Some connectors are missing (RCA and XS9JK) as well as a potentiometer and the Arduino+shield. I'm not going to model any cables. The idea is that the Arduino + shield will fit under the panel below the RCGS. The battery will slide in under the arduino. I'll probably make some box, maybe from KYDEX, so that the battery stays put during transport.

    I intend to fill the unused volume with padding. The radio will be placed on it's side to the right of the bottom panel and I'll also fit a 1.3GHz crosshair + reciever and spare batteries between the panel and the lid. I will also have to find room for my goggles, Lawmate DVR and some cables but they're so small I should be able to fit them in several places.

    What do you think, ideas?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	render130130-case.jpg 
Views:	719 
Size:	198.7 KB 
ID:	20385

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	render130130-lidpanel1.jpg 
Views:	762 
Size:	75.0 KB 
ID:	20386 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	render130130-bottompanel1.jpg 
Views:	937 
Size:	151.7 KB 
ID:	20382

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	render130130-lidpanel2.jpg 
Views:	709 
Size:	68.0 KB 
ID:	20387 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	render130130-bottompanel2.jpg 
Views:	742 
Size:	113.5 KB 
ID:	20383

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	render130130-bottom-plan.jpg 
Views:	731 
Size:	337.2 KB 
ID:	20384
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    Added my Haier screen and AV IN/OUT connectors.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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Size:	75.1 KB 
ID:	20502

    Now I'm ready to make a prototype before ordering a water cut panel with screen print labels etc.

    Some panel functions:
    - main switch with lock function
    - pot for lcd contrast
    - pot for changing lcd pages (or something else?)
    - switch to turn on/off audio alarm
    - push button to reset timer
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    Decided to place the VRx1 behind the top panel, this way it looks a little nicer I think.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
Views:	113 
Size:	39.7 KB 
ID:	21175 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
Views:	105 
Size:	41.3 KB 
ID:	21174

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    Wow, nice looking GS!

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    Thanks, a lot to do until it's finished though.

    I plan on making some prototype panels and it feels right I will order screen printed water cut panels. That way I can choose exactly the finishing and also have some nice labels printed on it.

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    Hi there. Great work!

    How do you get all the objects in solid works? Draw them manually?

    Have you considered changing the rvgs connectors?

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    Yes, I've modeled all but a few objects such as the RVGS.

    Why would I change the connectors on the RVGS?

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