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Thread: The TBS DISCOVERY information thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by stgdz View Post
    I'm guessing those are nanotech so those would be money down the drain.
    Yes im going for nanotech. Why are the nanotechs in your opinion not worth the money?

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    One question for anyone who has a TBS CORE in their Discovery: Where is the 12V output on the frame or do I need to tap the board directly? I have the thing all wired up and ready except for the VTX (I am using a 12V VTX).

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    I believe the only regulated VOuts are the ones marked for VTx and Camera - voltage will depend on which header you short. All other outputs on the Discovery main board will be whatever voltage the battery is. This should be easy to verify with a multimeter.

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    The TBS DISCOVERY information thread

    Yes you have to solder the jumper on the tbs core for the proper voltage selection for camera and vtx. Then it is supplied to the appropriate plug for camera or vtx. The wiki has the core manual in tbs setup. Wasn't able to get photo link to work.
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    Only regulated pads are the sets to the sides of the Core for vtx/cam

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonamerc View Post
    Yes im going for nanotech. Why are the nanotechs in your opinion not worth the money?
    They puff and die early

    Tbs, gensace, thunder power are the ones to go with.

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    Never had that problem

    Flitetest tested gensace lipos and they said that they were less good then the nanotechs. (That was when they were not sponsored by HK)

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    it all depends on the packs, and how you use them. Under tough abuse, you won't find a better LiPo than the TBS. we really torture them. Sometimes we land a quad in a house a few km out and pick it up the next day. The battery is obviously dead, but after a quick revival she's back and doesn't puff. Also we run the battery at the rated max C quite a few times during the flights. If you do a 50C burst with a 25-50C nano-tech frequently, she'll roll downhill after a few flights.

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    I think i will go for the 45-90c lipo then for max performance. I would love to buy your lipo but its just a bit to expensive for me Have fun on your three week vacation!

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    Yes a short question, is a awg14 enough for using a 4s lipo with the 900kv motors?

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