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Thread: The TBS DISCOVERY information thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trappy View Post
    yes, tried on a quad. flying it a lot of the times. 500m range on omni. with VLOS, obviously.
    Ok then, well with a 500mw LW tx and an 8dbi patch on the rx I can easily go over 4km at urban areas and behind buildings.
    I only crash for educational purposes

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    different frequency. nobody is saying 5.8GHz is a good frequency, what I'm saying is you can go 500m with the 25mW given LOS conditions on a quad. If that's all you need, then 5.8GHz is for you. Our 200mW 5.8GHz has been taken 4.5km on omnis just last week. but if you want to fly behind stuff, UHF and 2.4GHz is what you need to use.

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    or 1.2GHz, with even better object penetration but a lot bigger antennas
    I only crash for educational purposes

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    Parts for complete setup if I already got some basics

    Thanks for all your answers. I am starting to like this forum. Let me try to get this thread back to Trappy's subject. I am trying to go through the other threads such as the
    TBS-DISCOVERY-New-quadrocopter-frame and after several hours I am at page 160, just about 150 pages to go

    @Trappy, your fool proof checklist for setting up the video system does not work.

    1. Complete beginner set with 2.4G RC and 5.8G video tx
    I am trying to complete a setup for us beginners in fpv. As I am already having several planes and copters, I already own:

    • a Spektrum RC DX8, obviously 2.4G
    • 5 Lipos 4S 3300mAh and 3 3S Lipos 850mAh
    • battery charger
    • GoPro HD 2

    I now want to start simple but with reasonable range somewhere of at least 300-500m. In order to try fpv and not to spend a fortune at the beginning, I will start with 2.4G RC and 5.8G video. Later, I would like to have the possibility to upgrade to UHF and 2.4 for video with as little sunk costs as possible. To start with the 2.4 RC and 5.8GHz video system, I cannot use the Disco starter set as I already have some basics, so I have to configure it myself. I will need the following (everything has a link):

    • TBS DISCOVERY top & bottom plates, there I will tick the following options:

      • 750kV Motor & ESC Package (+ US$ 169.95)
        • Upgrade to 900kV motors (+ US$ 90.00) -> nice to have
        • Add Graupner 9x5 Props (2x CW, 2x CCW) (+ US$ 28.00)-> a few spare props would be good... (+28.00) -> or is it better to use 10'?

      • DJI Naza Flight Control (+ US$ 239.95)
        • Include GPS Add-on (+ US$ 189.95) -> better safe than sorry

      • Scorpion battery velcro straps (+ US$ 7.95)
      • TBS 69 FPV Camera (+ US$ 179.95) -> want to have good quality cam
        • Splash-water proof (+ US$ 20.00) -> maybe not

      • 8x Servo Extensions for Receiver Mount (+ US$ 9.95)
      • 4x DJI Flamewheel Arms (+ US$ 24.95)->and I guess a few spare arms would be good (+24.95), but I would like to get 4 red ones to have better visual if I fly LOS occasionally, have not found them, they are all black, guess I have to order from local hobby shop?
      • TBS CORE installed (+ US$ 79.95)
        • 100A Current Sensor (+ US$ 14.95)-> do not think that this is needed, so I will leave it out

    • RF Tin Shield for the core, I guess I need to order that separately? Right? (+14.95)
    • Flamewheel VTX Mount, nice to have for optimal range (+9.95)
    • Fatshark Dominator Video Glasses (+ 329.90)-> I hope its the 3rd gen version in the shop?
    • TBS Dominator Video RX (5G8) (+59.95) contains 5dbi RHCP Patch Antenna but the starter package has the 5.8 GHz SpiroNET Antenna Set (RHCP) in it, which I can not find in the shop to be ordered separately. With which ones should I go?
    • So far, this is $1,595.25 with shipping

    So now, I am missing the following which I cannot find in the shop:

    • TBS GREENHORN 5.8G 25mW/200mW or higher Video TX
    • Fatshark Battery for Dominator Goggles (i know I could use mine, but I guess the Fatshark one fits nicely in the head strap of the goggles
    • Fatshark Battery Charger - EU Version
    • 5.8 GHz SpiroNET Antenna Set (RHCP) if they should be better than the Patch Antenna included in the TBS Dominator Video RX

    Where can I order these parts? I would like to have one shipment to save on freight costs.

    2. later upgrade to UHF and 2.4G video
    Once I got used to flying with the 5.8G setup, I guess I want to upgrade to UHF RC and 2.4G video. From the above, I only have the 5.8G RX/TX which I will not need no more. I will need the following additional items:

    • TBS tuned 2.4GHz video transmitter (+149.95) includes Swivel 3dbi "rubber duckie" antenna
    • TBS tuned 2.4GHz video receiver (+129.95) includes Swivel 3dbi "rubber duckie" antenna
      • XT60 connector (+ US$ 0.00) -> what is this for?
      • Add 11dbi TBS Yagi (+ US$ 39.90) and/or Add 14dbi Patch Antenna (+ US$ 69.90) -> which one shall I go for? do not know the difference. I guess higher price = more range?

    • EzUHF transmitter (+219.90) -> although I read that the DX8 is no good for EzUHF due to the trainer port issues (losing signal)? Do I really need to get a Futaba for this?? I will need my DX8 for all my other helis and planes I got, so not mod is possible which is not plug & play or rather play & remove
      • NA-771 EzUHF Transmitter Antenna (+ US$ 24.90)

    • EzUHF diversity receiver 8 channel (+134.95)
      • 2x 1/4 Wave Monopole UHF Antenna (Sander Style) (+ US$ 14.95)

    • What else? I do not want to over do it. Some old tripod I still have somewhere lying around? I would not want a tracker at this point in time.
    • that's another $694.6 without any unnecessary antennas. I could of course go with the stock 2.4 rx and tx instead of TBS tuned ones which would save me quite some money. Not sure how much more range I would get out of the TBS tuned ones. I am not into range that much... But still as I do not know the range difference, I don't know with which I should go?!?

    3. Stuff from other shops not (yet) in the TBS shop:

    4. Allowed fpv frequencies and transmission power in Switzerland (CH)

    About the allowed frequencies for fpv flights in Switzerland, I just wonder if this guy is right. This would mean

    • 2.4 GHz: analog video @ 10 mW, digital @ 100 mW (are there any digital video tx?)
    • 5.8 GHz: analog video @ 25 mW, digital @ 500 mW (are there any digital video tx?)
    • 433 MHz new regulation since 1/1/2013 would allow RC up to 500mW within 20 frequencies (433.2375 - 434.5125MHz)

    Wow, this took some time. Please correct me if I got anything wrong or if I have left out any of the parts I need. I should have a complete set up with all of this. Happy to get some input from you guys.

    EDIT: After flying the Disco for a a month or two, I now have finished my complete Discovery time lapse build-log. Build your Disco in 9min:-) Enjoy:

    My channel:
    My FPV ride: TBS Discovery
    My best FPV video so far:
    Last edited by Zwyser; 18th March 2013 at 03:24 AM. Reason: adding build log video

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    Zwyser, well researched thread. I'll go through your questions. We don't sell the SpiroNet separately, just with the sets. Same for the transmitters at the moment because we're just not so happy with the overall performance. we have/had better antennas, but it's impossible to keep them in stock. one month worth of orders is sold in a few hours.

    so, long things short, if you need special items that are in packages but not in the shop, send me an e-mail.

    900kV motors work best with 9" props
    Arms you can get from several sources in Switzerland, a lot of shops carry FPV equipment
    RF shield needs to be ordered separately. useful only for UHF applications. but since you're upgrading, I'd install it right away.

    For quad use, you will not need the tuned equipment the stock will work fine. However, if you plan on flying in urban areas or with other FPV pilots, I suggest the tuned video Rx. Sensitivity and channel selectivity is better.

    The DX8 should work just fine, I keep hearing people are having problems, but never actually receive any real complaint or see anyone having problems. Not sure if this is just a rumor or if there really are problems.

    Anyways, I think this covers all your questions. thanks for doing the research, you will have great success in FPV!

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    what is the color of the 900kv motors, I see some are only black and others are silver as well?

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    they're all black again. We like the silver just a hair more but it's a lot of work trying to explain that to the chinese on each order. so ... we're shipping all blacks now until further notice.

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    cool just asking. waiting for the esc's to arrive then I am ordering the set

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    Great info thread Trappy! It's awesome to have all the Discovery info in one spot instead of trawling through huge threads.
    Could you also include your NAZA autopilot gain settings? I am always losing them & having to look them up again... probably should just write them down!

    Also I noted you were looking for a connection diagram for the ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8GHz vTx.. I made this image today (mainly to print out so I have the dip switch settings in the field). Feel free to use if you like!

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    cheers dem0n1k, it's linked. the naza gain settings are also linked on the first post.

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