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Thread: The TBS DISCOVERY information thread

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    the screw set from DJI was a lot (not allowed to disclose the exact figure) just for the arms. we can't offer a competitive price if we're paying a 1000% - 1500% markup on individual components, we're already taking a huge hit with the arms (paying as much for wholesale as fellow US guys pay for them retail). we did ship with the DJI screws initially, until we had the money for the moulds of the M3 screws, after we made the mould for M2.5 screws. This results in a price reduction of about $12 to the final kit.

    If you already purchased the DISCOVERY boards and now want the 100A current sensor I will ship it to you free of charge. The current sensor itself is $15. Send me an e-mail if you'd like. You will need to replace it yourself, though. I suggest taking her up for a flight and see if you really use 60A, we flew a can of beer with 900kV motors around our town and never went above 30A! The accuracy of the 100A sensors are fine, obviously, but why sacrifice additional accuracy? We're always looking for ways to improve our products, nobody that I know has ever gone above 50A with the frame. Besides, it's not like the sensor is going to burn up of you go above 50A. It just stops measuring additional current going through.

    Another good argument for the 50A sensor is that in case of reverse polarity, the shunt will be the first to let go and burn up, protecting all of the circuitry. We've seen plates burn up and take half of the electronics with them on 100A when the battery was plugged in the wrong way.

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    The TBS DISCOVERY information thread

    Trappy re the screws, I just bought a genuine set from a DJI supplier. Not a problem really.
    I consider the screws you get with kits (heli's cars etc) a bit like the screws you get with a DIY shelf you chuck them away and replace with proper ones !! Lol
    I didn't consider it a problem really just a couple of day set back.

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    hehe, well the screws right now are pretty good so no more setbacks.

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    Very good and informative page with advice for TBS Discovery setup Trappy!
    Thank you!

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    The TBS DISCOVERY information thread

    The more I read, the more I like it. This will be my next machine. A perfect kick around to compliment my S800.

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    Good, lots of info, I would just like to add something about Flight Controllers, it's true most of em will get the copter flying, just some other work good and some others rather bad.
    On the Disco I've tried more than 4 FC's, 4 different motors and two different esc's and the conclusion I came up with is:

    Flight Controllers:

    NOT Recommended :
    - Quadrino Zoom And Basic (Too difficult to set up for this frame- almost impossible -works well on symmetric quads )
    -Many multiwii variants such as: Crius and MEGA (hasn't gone under fully testing though) - Same reasons as above
    - Hobby king kk1- well yeah...

    Recommended :

    -Naze32 FunFly from Abusemark. BEST results yet! - Great "locked in" feeling minimal configuration needed, low price!
    - NAZA - Smooth flying if configured right.
    - Copter Control - A little tough to configure, good results for acro and less precise flying.
    - KK2 -also works pretty well- not best, but still good.

    Almost anything from 700Kv to 1200Kv works well if Flight controller is configured right.

    from 700kv to 1000kv 10'' props work well although 9' props are recommended from 900Kv and up.
    Best results with Graupner props.


    Totally not recommended are the Super Simple ones from HK- They won't just work- refresh rate is too low.
    Other than that any esc with high refresh rate such us the Turnigy Plush will work well.
    For optimum performance esc's flashed with SimonK Firmware are recommended.

    P.S: All possible PID's configurations have been tested, before calling an FC NOT recommended.
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    I only crash for educational purposes

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    thanks, added a link to your post cyberpilot360, very informative!

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    You are welcome
    I only crash for educational purposes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trappy View Post
    hehe, well the screws right now are pretty good so no more setbacks.
    Can you make them available in a "hardware kit" on their own?

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    not yet, I can't add new stuff to the site our shipping dept. is killing me as it is. if you need some screws, send me an e-mail. local suppliers will have screw sets on hand as well, we shipped them a dozen or so last week.

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