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Thread: FPV Acronyms

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    FPV Acronyms

    Acronym: a word formed from the initial letters of a name, or by combining initial letters or parts of a series of words.

    I went through a rookie time of about a month where there was clueless Google searching about some of the acronyms. Leaning toward FPV Multi-copter, here's the list so far.

    Please add or correct and it will be edited.



    AGL Above Ground Level

    AMA Academy of Model Aeronautics

    AP Aerial Photography

    ARF Almost Ready to Fly

    AUW All Up Weight, or Airframe Unit Weight (total craft weight as flown, usually without payload)

    BEC Battery Elimination Circuit, also UBEC, Ultimate BEC.

    BNF - Bind and Fly

    CAD Computer Aided Drafting

    CAM Computer Aided Machining

    CCOP Coptor Control Open Pilot (flight control) also CC and CC3D

    CCD Charge Coupled Device. (Type of camera image sensor)

    CF Carbon Fiber

    CG Center of Gravity (also COG)

    CL Clover Leaf antenna

    CMOS - Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (Type of camera image sensor)

    CNC Computer Numeric Control

    COM Center Of Mass (similar to CG)

    CP - Circular Polarization, or Center of Pressure

    dBi DeciBels Isotropic (A unit of antenna gain)

    DIY Do It Yourself

    DJI DaJiang Innovations Technology Co., Ltd. (China flight controls)

    DL Dragonlink (USA, long range radio systems) (DragonLabs)

    DOSD Dragonlink's OSD system

    ETOSD Eagle Tree OSD

    ESC Electronic Speed Control

    EzOSD ImmersionRC's OSD

    EzUHF ImmersionRC's 433mHz based radio system

    FC - Flight Controller (Naze32, KK, Naza, CC3D, Pixhawk, etc)

    FOV Field Of View (Camera viewing angle in degrees)

    FPV Feline Panleukopenia Virus duhh! (or First Person View, or the RC segment that is FPV

    G10 - Garolite (epoxy resin fiberglass, compressed and baked)

    GHZ GigaHertZ a billion hertz

    GP Go Pro camera

    HZ HertZ a radio frequency unit

    HK HobbyKing (China based RC supplier)

    IPD Inter Pupilary Distance, the measurement between your pupils, as pertains to video goggles.

    IRC Immersion RC, (China FPV gear manufacture)

    KK (flight control founded by Rolf BaKKe)

    kW KiloWatt, (1000 watts)

    KV K=Coulomb's law, V=voltage. A measure of electric motor performance. Technically it's Kv. (also kV is KiloVolt, 1000 volts, apart from FPV)

    LIPO LIthium POlymer battery, (modern light weight battery)

    LM Lawmate, (long range radio systems)

    LTD Laying There Dead : Your aircraft when you crash into an immovable object at a high rate of speed.

    LOS Line Of Sight, Unobstructed line to the aircraft. Can refer to either visual or radio line of sight.

    LOS'er: Someone flying regular RC without FPV gear. Often used derogatively.

    LR Long Range

    LRS Long Range System

    mAh MilliAmpere/Hour (unit of battery life)

    MHz MegaHertz, 1 million hertz

    MOF Minutes Of Flight

    MSL - [above] Mean Sea Level (AGL + local elevation)

    MW MegaWatt, 1 million watts

    mW MilliWatt, 1/1000 watt

    NAZA M, DJI Multirotor flight controller

    NOTAM, NOtice To AirMen

    OSD On Screen Display

    PCB Printed Circuit Board

    PPM Pulse Position Modulation (RC analog signal)

    PWM Pulse Width Modulation (RC analog signal)

    RC Rancho Cucamonga (a city in California) (or Radio Control, or Remote Control)

    RMRC ReadyMade RC (USA, RC FPV supplier)

    RL - RangeLink (long range radio system)

    RLOS: Radio Line Of Sight - Unobstructed line to aircraft so radio signal isn't blocked. Can be out of VLOS but still have RLOS.

    RPV Remote Piloted Vehicle

    RSSI Received Signal Strength Indicator (part of OSD)

    RTB Return To Base (same as RTH, RTL)

    RTF Ready To Fly

    RTH Return To Home

    RTL Return To Launch (same as RTH)

    Rx radio Receiver (or RX)

    SAW filter, Surface Acoustic Wave filter

    SIYG Sex In Your Goggles : Excellent video signal

    SPW Skew Planar Wheel antenna

    TBS Team Black Sheep (Germany based RC FPV supplier)

    TSLRS Thomas Scherrer LRS. UHF RC systems made by Thomas Scherrer (Denmark)

    Tx radio Transmitter (or TX)

    UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (should not apply to craft too small to be manned)

    UHF Ultra High Frequency, 300-3000 MHz, usually refers to 433mHz radios

    VLOS Visual Line Of Sight, Usually means being able to see the aircraft from the ground.

    VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, Antenna performance measurement.

    VRx Video Receiver

    VTx Video Transmitter

    VU Versatile Unit, component of the NAZA flight control

    WOT Wide Open Throttle
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    Nice list. You might note in the FPV world people use UHF referring to 433mHz based radios most even though technically your range of 300-3000mHz is correct.

    ARF = Almost Ready to Fly
    ETOSD = Eagle Tree OSD
    EzOSD = ImmersionRC's OSD
    EzUHF = ImmersionRC's 433mHz based Radio System
    DOSD = Dragon Labs OSD
    RTB = Return to Base (I use RTH to explain this, but some post this)
    AMA = Academy of Model Aeronautics
    SAW Filter = Surface Acoustic Wave Filter (if I'm not mistaken
    mAh = milliampere-hour
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    TSLRS = A UHF-based RC link developed and sold by Thomas Scherrer.

    Sorry - that's all I could think of... Where is that what are you drinking thread???

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    FPV Acronyms

    Wait, i think the LOS explanation is wrong isn't it? It should be always within line of sight, and not beyond line of sight with radio uplink. Or not?
    Team T&B

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    Well you really need multiple entries since people use the term in a variety of ways:

    LOS: Unobstructed line to the plane. Can refer to either visual or radio line of sight.
    VLOS: Visual line of sight - Usually means being able to see the plane from the ground.
    RLOS: Radio line of sight - Unobstructed line to the plane so your radio signal isn't blocked. You can be out of VLOS but still have RLOS. But if you break RLOS, you'll usually lose your video signal.
    Flying LOS: Flying the plane by directly observing it as opposed to flying FPV (aka regular/traditional RC).
    LOS'er: Someone flying regular RC without FPV gear. Often used derogatively.
    ~Patrick M.

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    Colorado FPV Pilot and Flying Site Map:

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    "LOS'er: Someone flying regular RC without FPV gear. Often used derogatively."

    Which is funny, because it takes more coordination to fly LOS than FPV.....

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    anything that starts with the following sounds
    is not desirable outside of combat

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    KV - revolutions per Volt (as it was explained to me) the higher the number, the faster the motor spins, but the lower the number the more torque the motor has

    Feel free to correct it if I'm mistaken, I have less than a year flying R/C

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hieraco View Post
    KV - revolutions per Volt
    You're right, I thought it was 1000 volts, with 12v batteries. LOL.

    Unloaded RPM with 1 volt applied. Here's the question though, in this context what does the K and V stand for?

    will update when time permits

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    I would assume the V is Volt (well Duh!) the K Potassium?
    knowing the scientist who assign these things, it's probably just a random letter.

    Google is not much help, as K can stand for a dozen different things, none of which I'd associate with revolutions, velocity or the like.

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