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Thread: 12/16 Channels EzUHF: Finally!!!

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    12/16 Channels EzUHF: Finally!!!

    Since I started in FPV I realized that 8 channels could be a bit short.

    Just using head tracking, and having to control some OSD functions means at least 3 channels. Add two channels for ailerons, rudder, elevator and throttle and you’re done: no more channels for flaps, landing gear or whatever.

    As I have a plane in the pipeline that will need much more than 8 channels, when I saw Zeeflyboy’s needs for his night-ops heli (http://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread....-build-project ) I decided it was time to start working on this, and try to get as much channels as possible from the EzUHF.

    Yes, I know the easy answer: there are some other LRS out there who can handle up to 12 channels. But… I really like the EzUHF, and in any case 12 channels wasn’t enough: Zee and I were looking for 16 channels.

    First I started playing with the 3 devices I found capable of multiplexing channels:



    Developed by acristobal, a member of the Spanish Forum, basically it assigns to 18 different PWM widths a different combination, being able to transmit 3 channels (one on-off, and two 3-positions) over a single channel. A demultiplexer is needed in the Rx end, and you can generate the PWM-18 levels signal through mixes in your transmitter, or through a resistor network.



    Again, a development of a member of the Spanish Forum (waverider).

    Basically he uses two proportional channels to encode 8 channels:
    - 4 x on/off
    - 2 x 3 position
    - 2 x proportional (with slightly less resolution than the original ones, but valid for pan&tilt for example)



    Developed by FpvKiwi, this amazing device can do everything you want with PPM frames, including multiplexing/demultiplexing channels.

    So, as the Dexplex233 didn’t work with proportional channels, and the PPM-MAX was a bit restrictive in terms of channel placement, conflicting with the HT channels, I decided to use the Channel Wizzard.

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    In the meantime, I was trying to convince Sander to do a mod to the EzUHF: allowing 10 channels to be transmitted in PPM mode, and move the HT channels to position 9 and 10. This simple mod would have allowed us to use the PPM-MAX on channels 7-8, and we would have everything we needed.

    Well, you all know Sander is quite lazy, and he doesn’t know too much about all this hardware and software stuff , but luckily enough, Anthony listened to my pray and developed a fantastic firmware Beta version for the EzUHF with everything we could dream about:

    - Up to 12 channels support.

    - 8, 10, or 12 channels option. This way you don’t increase the PPM frame rate more than strictly needed.

    - You can output channels (or RSSI or Link quality indicator) in any servo output:

    Obviously, we only have 8 servo connectors on the EzUHF receiver, so you will need to output the PPM signal on connector number 1, and use a PPM decoder. Another option, that is supported, is use a second EzUHF receiver (the 4 channel version), and output CH1-8 on the 8 channels one, and CH9-12 on the 4 channels one.

    Anthony is working in a second Beta version, which as far as I understood will add over the current features:

    - Ability to output the PPM signal on any servo connector (currently is always on number 1).

    - Ability to place the two channels taken from the Head Tracker port in the EzUHF Tx on any channel position. This is especially important, as not many transmitters can output more than 10 channels in PPM mode. With this, you can use a 10 channels transmitter, and add your HT as channels 11&12. Cooooool!!!!!

    Please, remember this is a Beta version, not released yet. So:

    - If you really want to try it, I would suggest politely asking ImmersionRC about it. You have got the details in their Facebook page.

    - Being a beta version, using it is at your own risk. If the firmware crashes and you lose the plane, please don’t blame me nor IRC…

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    As I only use a poor man’s Futaba 7C, I needed a way to generate a 12 channels PPM signal. For this, I used the Channel Wizard, with the following setup:


    Futaba 7C output: 7 channel PPM signal (only used 1-6) à Channel Wizard PPM in

    External circuit with 2 potentiometers, a 6 positions rotatory switch, and a 3 positions switch à Channel Wizard Ports A, B, C, D

    Channel Wizard PPM out: 12 channel PPM signal (1-6 from Futaba, 7-8 unused, 9-12 external circuit) à EzUHF Tx PPM in

    Dominator Head Tracker output: 8 channel PPM signal (P&T channels on 7-8) àEzUHF Tx HT port

    o.src=i1 i2 i3 i4 i5 i6 i7 i8 a b c d


    EzUHF servo connector 1: PPM signal à PPM decoder to use the 6 channels from the Futaba Tx (now hooked to the oscilloscope for this testing)

    EzUHF servo connectors 2-3: Pan&Tilt servos (channels 7-8)

    EzUHF servo connectors 4-7: PWM outputs from external circuit (channels 9-12)

    For this test, in order to get physical access to the “extra” channels through the EzUHF without using a second receiver or a PPM decoder, we have rearranged the channels in a quite tricky way:

    And this is the result:

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    on a bicycle
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    looks like a great upgrade

    especially for the 4ch Rx

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    I can't breathe Hans's Avatar
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    Probably jail

    I made a led blink with my Arduino today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hans View Post

    I made a led blink with my Arduino today.
    LOL........thats more than I have done with my Cirrus AIO........I did get it to make a really cool smoke ring that lasted for about 7 seconds before the ceiling fan destroyed my fun......lol
    Brett Hays

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    Seriously.......cool stuff.....watching with interest!!
    Brett Hays

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    Awesome & Congrats Hans!!! now change the program a little... add another loop around the i++ to vary the blinking, and you well on your way to infinite possibilities of extreme fpvism ;-)))

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hans View Post

    I made a led blink with my Arduino today.
    Hans, as always, you rock! Once again, you made my day.

    Now seriously, the complication come from the fact that I am using an external PPM encoder (the Channel Wizzard) because my Futaba transmitter only outputs 7 channels. With a 12 channel transmitter and two receivers is almost plug&play.

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