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Thread: Anyone using the Fatshark 5.8ghz transmitter on their ground station?

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    I use a 1.3ghz downlink into an Eagle Eye diversity. From that splits a monitor, dvr and FS 100mW vTX. I found the 100mW to run cooler than the 250 or 600 versions and is all you really need for a wireless goggle GS. I use a 40mm computer fan and heatsink on my unit as it requires airflow to prevent overheating, especially if concealed in a case or small area. I also use the stock antenna as I sit within 10' of my GS during usage and a CP antenna does not make reception any better at that close proximity.

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    Re: Anyone using the Fatshark 5.8ghz transmitter on their ground station?

    I use a similar setup and it works great.

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    I'm using 1.3GHz to GS and then 5.8GHz to Attitudes. Works great.
    Just make sure the antenna sticking out of the goggles remains vertical, also that you don't have anything between you and your GS.

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    I use 2.4 from plane to tracker then 5.8 from tracker to ground station and goggles (I use UHF for control) - works flawlessly.

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    Re: Anyone using the Fatshark 5.8ghz transmitter on their ground station?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wearyman View Post
    I did use this, but I found that the 100mw xt unit toasted itself after awhile. I even had a heatsink glued onto mine. I was thinking about using the 25mw immersion unit for it, but the price for that unit seems a bit high for only 25 mw. I might just get another 100mw unit and slap a bigger heatsink on it.
    Just wanted to update this comment. Turns out the plastic connector shroud had just come loose. Once I reseated it the unit worked great again.
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    Several vendors, including AltitudeRC are coming out with 25mW nano transmitters, which should work as ground station relays and run cool. I will be trying one out this week.

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    Thanks for answering a question I just came up with last night. I just got my FatShark 5.8 equipment last week and got it together for some walking around the house testing. I don't think my toe is broken and the cut on my shin just needed a band aid. It works great!
    I was wondering if if this type of set up would work for future flying once I get the experience down pat on close flying. I do know that once my tricopter is built I will want to do more than fly around open fields. For right now I will be switching it back and forth from a DJI Phantom to my Cub trainer to gain the experience.
    Gotta love these boards, take it slow, learn from others mistakes and successes, read till your eyes bleed, all great advice if you follow it and do the research.
    Thank you all.

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    Add me to the list with a gs link, split it to PC, goggles and passenger/co pilot or anything else capable of recieving 5.8

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    Been stockpiling and planning a groundstation. I love the idea of a wireless goggle setup, but I may have a hang up. I'm building my GS for 5.8ghz with IRC Uno vrx and 600mW vtx With attitude sd on the ground, is it utterly unorthodox and impossible to run a 5.8ghz repeater on alternate channel btw GS and goggles?

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    How does one power a FS vtx from an IRC EzPowerBox?

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