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Thread: New Products

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    New Products

    Hi Guys,

    Just got some DC power filters in from Video Aerial Systems (IBCrazy). These help clean up noisy DC power that causes lines in your video signal. Perfect for a single 3S battery setup.

    We also have Bluebeam antenna pairs in stock and soon will be selling individual antennas. 1.3 Crosshairs are also in stock.

    New notch filters should be arriving in a few days.


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    Thanks Pete. I'm saving up for a good size order with you. Camera, pan and tilt, filter, and maybe a few antennas.

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    We sent the notch filters out yesterday (sorry for the delay). Apparently I couldn't read a Smith chart correctly and screwed up the tuning so I had to have them remade. Oh well. I'll get you the spec sheet tonight. I keep forgetting to make it.

    In any case it's good to see you here on the Lab. I have a few developments I'd like to speak with you about.

    Also, Those crosshairs are not the originals. Those are the V2's. They have the custom fabricated guards, rear mounting plates, and rubber coated elements.

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    I got a good look at those v2 cross hairs and I think I may need to purchase one, nice unit. I may wait for a budget Gatling though, my mission is to punch through objects with my quad and get some forest or urban flying videos. What's the best antenna for penetration on 1.2ghz? A helical or crosshair array?
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    What freq are the notch filters for?

    @SierraRC hey Pete sorry for the delay on that reciever but the weather has been far from flying quality. Soon for sure!

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    Hi Alex,

    Sorry I missed this. No worries on the filters they came in a few days later. The Crosshairs look great!


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    Quote Originally Posted by swillhide View Post
    What freq are the notch filters for?

    @SierraRC hey Pete sorry for the delay on that reciever but the weather has been far from flying quality. Soon for sure!
    Hey Swillhide,

    No problem the weather has been terrible! This filter is to put on your UHF TX to cut the noise to your video RX
    Pass Band 350-600MHz
    Reject Band 1220-1360MHz

    This one would be used on your 1.2GHz video TX to filter out harmonics that affect your 2.4GHz control and increase the range
    Pass Band 1000-1600MHz
    Reject Band 2380-2520MHz

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    waiting on 2305 and 2396mhz tx. will pull the trigger when it's listed
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    Hey Chatch,

    Got them in today, taking pics now. Should have them up by tomorrow morning.


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