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Thread: If you could start over in FPV what would you do or not do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wingless View Post

    One of the questions I have is do you have to be a licensed amateur to use UHF for flight? I think so, but no one's mentioned specific frequencies. I'm assuming the amateur 70 cm (420-450 MHz) band is what you mean by 433 MHz band, is that correct? Same question for 33 cm (902-928 MHz), 23 cm (1240-1300 MHz), and 5 cm (5650.0-5925.0 MHz).
    You got it. The frequencies being used are within the limits you listed.

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    I would have started FPV with wings sooner, because I like the feeling of really flying...

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    1. Don't buy junk. This is, however, a very relative statement -- and a bit tricky since often affordable non-junk appears a year later after you buy junk since it's the only option.

    2. Do more research, and do more research at multiple places. Individual communities, including this one, have their idiosyncrasies.

    3. Check your urge to solder everything together in a giant ball of wires. It doesn't end well. PDBs and VDBs exist for a reason.

    4. Don't be overawed by airframes that seem really nice if they don't have the properties you need.

    5. Ground stations need to be as simple as possible. Goggles are great.

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    I never bought cheap motors or esc's.

    To skimp on something that keeps you in the air is a little silly.

    I should have bought quality goggles from the beginning.

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    Would have never tried to build ground up so many quads. Freaking KISS. My experience was anything but Simple. I love my Connex stuff. Still amazes me the quality image.

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