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    Hi Lucky. Thanks for the reply. The sub forums...

    Hi Lucky. Thanks for the reply. The sub forums are visible and I can read the threads I just can't post a new thread or reply to somone in them. Only place I can post is in "The Skybox"
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    Why are most of the sub-forums locked?

    Why are most of the sub-forums locked? I joined FPVlab over a year ago and I don't remember the sub forums locked back then. In fact I think I posted a couple questions in them.Life got in the way...
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    Finally getting into LRFPV.

    Hi guys and galls,Been a member and lurker here for over a year. Involved in RC aircraft for 40yrs. I have a bunch of questions but it seems most of the forums are LOCKED.What gives?Regards,Tom
  4. Looking for best fpv camera compatible w/TBS Crossfire in fixed wing up to 20 miles.

    What is the best FPV Video TX and Video RX compatible with Crossfire on 868MHz out to 20mi at most in a flat mixed suburban/agricultural environment?

    Looking for a nice clear enjoyable picture...
  5. Is there a comparison chart and pros/con for Dragonlink and Crossfire for fixed wing?

    I am looking for a comparison chart and the pros/cons between Dragonlink and Crossfire for long range fixed wing FPV?

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