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    Fyi. In case someone else is looking for this...

    Fyi. In case someone else is looking for this info. I found a connector that works. Here is the description from E-Bay:

    20sets Mini. Micro JST 1.25mm T-1 4-Pin JST Connector w. Wire
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    Mojo 230 connector specs please

    I need help finding a replacement connector for my mojo. See pic. It looks like itís some sort of jst type connector but there are so many types and sizes. The connector I need is the 4 pin...
  3. I did eventually get mine to work. Took...

    I did eventually get mine to work. Took forever. I wish I remember exactly how but I don’t. I know for sure that it is a driver issue. Here is some info that might help. When the Mojo is...
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    Mojo 230 ESC Calibration

    I need to replace a fried esc on my Mojo 230. Does anyone know the step by step of calibrating it once I have it hooked up? I think I can get it all connected but I have never had to calibrate an...
  5. Vortex Mojo 230 BNF - Can't connect to BetaFlight

    Please help. I have a new Mojo and can not connect it to BetaFlight. I have tried everything I know. I have installed the CP210x Drivers, the STM USB VCP Drivers have updated the drivers with...
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