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  1. Vortex 285, no power, no osd, no lights of anykind. Just the esc's beeping.

    Minor tangle with small limb then hit the ground from 20 ft. No physical damage that I can see. Popped the top off and again no damage that I can tell. No burn marks, electrical smell of anykind....
  2. Hi there. I know this is an old thread but am...

    Hi there. I know this is an old thread but am having same issue after minor crash. I looked at L1 and it's black while all the others like it are not. Does that mean its burned and how did u fix?
  3. Immersionrc 185 issues getting eveerything loaded onto computer

    Don't know where to start. First FPV and just want to fly line of sight for now. First question is, do I have to have goggles to set up THIS quad to fly it?? Beyond that I cant get Cleanflight to...
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