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•Advertising Rules and Regulations •

Advertising Levels

Forum Sponsor– This is a company who has sponsored a specific forum found in the SPONSOR'S GATE. A banner in place of the usual forum header at the top of the forum denotes the company’s presence as that Forum’s Sponsor. Forum Sponsors will soon be acknowledged by a “Forum Sponsor” user title and graphic supporting their avatar.

Banner Advertiser– This is a company whose banner is in the main ad banner rotation in the top section of the forums page, and also rotates throughout the site (less other sponsor forums). This type of advertiser is eligible to support Group Buys and also has the ability to post in the main forums. Banner Advertisers will soon be acknowledged by a “Banner Advertiser” user title and graphic to support their avatar.

Classifieds Advertiser– This type of advertiser is eligible to support group buys and post commercially in the classified forums only. Classified Advertisers will not have the permission to post in the main forums or anywhere outside of the classifieds. Classified Advertisers will soon be acknowledged by a “Classified Advertiser” user title and graphic supporting their avatar.

•Commercial Posting Regulations•

For Advertisers:

--> TBD

For Non Advertisers:

– No spamming or commercial solicitation of any kind allowed on our sites other than authorized individuals representing a given level of advertiser. Any such messages/posts violating these terms will be removed at the discretion of the moderators and/or staff.

– Selling of individual items or vehicle is permissible by a private owner in our Classifieds forums, however selling multiple items of the same product is considered a commercial post and will be removed at the discretion of the moderators and/or staff.

– The classifieds were created for members to sell parts/airframes/components from their personal collection(s). The classifieds are not to be used to launch new product(s)/businesses. Doing so constitutes a commercial post and will be removed at the discretion of the moderators and/or staff.

– Using the PM system to solicit business and circumvent the advertising rules and regulations is not allowed. Violating this rule may result in your ability to send PMs to be disabled, or your account being banned.

– Personal classifieds belong in the classified forum and not the main forum. If classifieds are posted in the main forums, they will be removed by the moderators and/or staff.

– Commercial posts from distributors who carry a registered advertiser’s product are not allowed. Distributors still need to sign up as a registered advertiser if they wish to commercially post on the forums.

• Advertising Rules and Regulations FAQ•

Q: I’m interested in signing up for either a Forum Sponsor, Banner Advertiser or Classified Advertiser status; how do I do so?

A: To sign up for or request more information about any of the advertising levels, please e-mail advertising at fpvlab@yahoo dot com

Q: I want to organize a Group Buy, can I do so?,/p>

A: No, you will need to contact the advertiser who has the product you’d like to see in a group buy, and ask them to post the Group Buy.

Q: What if the product I want to do a Group Buy for is not sold by an eligible company?

A: Our advertisers are broad enough and numerous enough that they cover virtually all parts. If not, many are willing to help out by distributing and processing the parts in question. If the part you want is unique to a company that does not advertise with us, you may want to suggest to that company that they consider doing so.

Q: Why were these rules implemented?

A: These rules were implemented for your protection as buyers and also to help support those companies that choose to support our community. By having companies register with us, the chance of our users getting scammed is much less as those companies or entities doing this business then have something to lose. The implementation of proper user titles makes moderating the forums much easier. Forum Sponsors and Banner Advertisers may post sales in all forums.

Q: What if, even with the new rules, I get scammed in a Group Buy?

A: If a situation arises where there is a problem regarding payment without delivery on product, any user should contact an administrator immediately if they wish action to be taken. Our staff will investigate, and if the situation warrants, that entity will be removed from having Group Buy privileges. While this does not assure money will be returned or the part will be shipped, a key benefit is that it will assure that fellow users are not scammed thanks to communication amongst our users. However, in the end, FPVLAB is not liable for any problems that result out of participating in a Group Buy on this site. Let the buyer beware.

* FPVLAB reserves the right to modify these rules as we see fit for the protection of the buyers and site sponsors who OFFICIALLY support the site. If there are any questions please contact "SENTRY" via email or Private Message.

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