View Full Version : Question about the "com" port on the TBS 69

12th November 2012, 11:58 AM
Hi guys,

Question: I'm using the apm2 from diydrones as an autopilot, and I was thinking to add an interface for connecting the tbs 69 and the amp2 together.

Think of the advantages, auto-set white-balance, switch from color to b/w, "software-zoom", set and unset the test-screen... All in flight / automagically.

Sometimes I forget to set the white-balance and I almost can't see the landing field anymore in dusk.. often the colors are way off because of forgetting this..

Anyway, I could do this using the key-sequences which I can copy from the keyboard and just walk through the menu's, but this would be an extremely ugly and slow way..
I'd rather use the "bus" that probably is in there..

Can't find any datasheets of this cam, can't find anything about a communication protocol in the pixim documentation.

So : Does anyone know anything about this mysterious undocumented connector on the tbs 69 ?? Please tell me !!!!