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11th July 2019, 07:35 PM
I have a question about video quality at range. When i was attempting long range for me, roughly 5 miles (fixed wings) I only made it to 3 and thats where I stayed no matter what I did that was the max. There are a lot of trees in the area and depending on where I fly some hills but I have a fairly clear line of sight to my model at 400 ft altitude and roughly 3 to 4000 feet from point of takeoff ( probably have some fresnel zone issues). I dont have instrumentation to prove it but I believe there is a high noise floor because of rssi decline and video quality at distance based on the many platforms and equipment that I have used to include equipment separation on the aircraft ( twisting wires- removing noisy cameras an components-etc.) and the end result is mostly consistent. When I hit about 1 mile video would get some snow and increase in intensity and at about 3 miles out total static. I flown 6 ft wingspan models for equipment separation ,( hexa copters only could get 1 mile) and the nano goblin all with dragonlink. I got the best range on the nano goblin stock setup using the dragon link nano receiver with wires- immersionrc 700mw 2.4 vtx- immersion 2.4 duo receiver-true rc singularity on the aircraft-immerison rc spironet patch 13dbi and the vas bluebeam on ground station with 5.8 25mw repeater setup for the hd3 goggles. On the larger aircraft I used the 1.3 vas blue beam with the immersionrc 1.3 250 mw vtx and the vas 1.3 crosshair with the stone blue airlines 4 ch vrx and the same repeater setup to goggles. On the larger air frame I tried to keep it simple and used the immersion 2.4 module for the goggles with the bluebeam antenna and got out about 2 miles but varied depending on direction. I tried the vas pepperbox , vas helical 9.5 db -rmrc vtxs and receivers - eagle eyes diversity etc. My question is based on what I have stated do you think this antenna will give me better video quality at straight line distance in the 1 to 3 mile range? Trying to decide If I want do this type of flying again.

22nd October 2019, 01:18 PM
hodges, i'm surprised that you fly 2 frequencies...?
on your 2.4 setup i would replace the spironet patch 13dbi with a TrueRC X2-Air and no more money in there.
on your 1.3 setup i would crank up the power and quality to a Foxtech 800mw. replace your crosshair with a TrueRC Gatling. i know it's pricey but well worth it if you want penetration at long distance. she outperforms a pepperbox quite considerable (if you don't need the wide beam). most likely you want an omni in your system and for the diversity i recommend the dpcav diversity demon. it has the speed and sense you'll need. take high quality cables.
i've tried many different antennas - the Gatling outperforms them all as seen here :)