View Full Version : Naze 32 + DJI snail

11th September 2017, 02:02 PM

Anyone here tried to use the snail with a Naze32 ?

I managed to have it almost wobble-free. Except when I give it a strong pitch or roll kick it wobbles like crazy and usualy crashes itself. The P value is as low as can be, if I get any lower it becomes sluggish. I tried to lower the I and D values down to 0 - it didn't help much (or got worse is the case of D ).

Here is a picture of my PID settings, which are very low (but according to several people on other forums, it is normal for the Snail).
It behaves a bit like the quad in this video (quicker).


If someone here could give me some adivce, it would be nice.