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24th August 2016, 07:35 PM


so here we go i have a lot of investigation and consideration done the last Time about Prop balancing.
Belive me they all lie. (the Balancers)

I come over to ballance my small 5030 Probs on cutterblades they where leved,
to my scrapy magnetic balancer,
to the Ocday Du Bro copy,
until now i buyed the DuBro Balancer.
But allways you have the same Problem on the small Propellers,
if you turn your propeller on the shaft and hold the shaft, so as I go allways clockwise 25% turn 4 times allways it gives you an other level on the prop.
If you wanna go crazy ;) , turn your Propeller and hold your shaft and turn 1 cone a little to one side and the other to the other.
Do this on your Balancer and belive me you wanna cry or throw your balancer out of the window.

So to the next step let us say you have the Ultra Balancer and your Prob is 100,,00000 % balanced.
mount it on your motor and turn it on, get the vibs in your finger ?
Ok i know let us also say your motor is 100% Balanced ;) never - trust me, but ok.
Mount the prop also, and feel the vibs ahh Vibrations ;)#

Ok run away now, no just a joke

So now it come to motion balancing !
Jeah do it at home and with your laser, after 1 hour with your lasering, everything is cool on your quad.
Oh men the 250 quads are really small, so how to get the hook on the esc cable ? (for the PWM from the servo tester)
Ok also you can make the other way and motion Balance your quad with the Laptop or Pc on the flightcontroller Software.
YEEAAAH here we go .
Now we go out and fly, but BAAAAMMM and the 2 Probs are broken.
Go home and balance again ;) ,) ?? Grab your Laptop ???

No here it is the solution -> very easy and simple :

We need a mode in the flight controller it self, just for Motion balancing the probs.
Wich will start and controll the speed of allways just 1 Motor, one after the other or you make it as you like.
So at home or on the field, we can just put the prob on the Quad
and turn the Taranis on and now we check it by the Fingers (ok mobile -i have`t) if you wannt and clockwise Turn the Prop always 15% or 25 % until the vibs are gone 8)

Ok now maybe somebody will say us i allways put my chepo ballanced probs on my quad and everithing is quiet good,
No for me not, as always i hear it when I hoover and fly. Bsssbrrbsssbrrrrr
Jeah and the bearing also will be happyer with Motion Balancing.

Maybe the Probs have almost not to be Balance if they are 80 -90% good from the Manufacturing process. ??

So the next step is, i thing because there you can view the vibrations on the controller (Software in Pc / Laptop)
to send them to the Taranis and show them as a graph.
Yeah this will be real flowing :o ;D

So i thing the first step is how we can bring the Controller in a mode that it allways just will turn 1 Motor on and start spinning ???
Maybe there has to be a Mod on the Pc Software just for this settings ??



How we can handle it ????;)