View Full Version : Flysky TH-9x binding problem.

6th July 2016, 09:59 PM
Ive looked on most threads and youtube vids but so far I havent gotten any other ideas why my Flysky th9x isnt binding to the FS-r9b that came with it just today. Any suggestions? I dont have a plug to attach power directly to the receiver like I saw some wheres on a comment. Just going through my emax 280, I have everything plugged in correctly, esc board and wires plugged in. Also tried just binding and CH1 wires (yellow, orange, brown) in 3 slot and BAT slot but still flashing.. I tried a few different wire combos but still I see the rapid flashing bind light and nothing solid. I hope theres a better answer out there other than something just doesnt work so I m crossing my fingers. Any help is much appreciated.

21st July 2016, 11:08 PM
So I found out soon after this post that I was making a stupid mistake and the problem is way past fixed. Since then I have enjoyed my quad like crazy and I m hooked for live.