View Full Version : Firefly 6S Not Working

Mark Mywards
18th June 2016, 10:46 PM
Just got one of these cameras a while back and tried it for the first time today after getting a MicroSD card for it.

Formatted microSD FAT, flashed the Fiefly6.BIN, etc. as per instructions and now when I try to use the menu as soon as I enter an option the led turns to crap and can't get out of the menu, have to shut down. Repeat.

Then I'll turn it on and it works, menus can be entered and exited, etc.

Then back to being disfunctional...

Date doesn't change when connected to WiFi.

Suggestions, thanks?


So I had been downloading, transferring and flashing in OS X and getting bad results.

Booted into Windows, downloaded Firefly6.bin and transferred onto my SD card. Flashed with that and it works perfectly now.

The same thing happened with files downloaded and loaded onto my Taranis radios in OS X. Voodoo to me but anyway, that was my solution.