View Full Version : Motor 1, 100% The rest ~40%

11th June 2016, 03:21 PM
I just finished building a mad hatter with a dodo, doge, RMRC PDB, LB30a's rs2205-2600's and I expected a friggin rocket ship but the result is something that can barely stay in the air. I ran these motors and ESC's on my goby for probably a total of an hour before putting them on this build. That being said, I used the wrong screws initially which led to the motors being to hot to touch and I'm curious if the BB log would indicate that motor 1 is bad or motor 4 or the esc's for one or 4? If it's the motor, I'll just replace all 4 and move on, but with as tight as this build is, doing the ESC's = complete rebuild. The other option could be that I'm wrong altogether and it's something else, but I'm hoping someone has seen what I'm looking at knows exactly what it is based on my description along with the pic. I'll also link the BB log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4At3q_9bMhoV3lKektwM2RHbWc

Scratch that, it's at 100% when throttle is around 1557 and the others are between 25-30%: