View Full Version : The 3D Fpv Quad Project

8th January 2016, 04:25 PM
Hey... I started to talk with Members about this already in another thread...but i decided to sum it up again:

My project is a small 3D FPV drone i wanna use with my Dominator V3´s.

But it seems like I´m having some trouble researching and finding a proper frame between 180 and 210mm for my project…

OR finding a technically smart way to install such a 3D FPV cam on a desired frame. My experience with 3D Printing is unfortunately zero.

All of the quads other parts are normal except the camera…

I´d love to use a 3D FPV Cam like the Blackbird 2. —>


(L, W, h: 59 mm, 28 mm, 27 mm).

I´m sure that a small drone equipped with a decent 3D cam is an awesome combo!

The main problem is the small frame size, the security of the cam in case of a crash and the clearance with the props on the front left and right side.

If i install the cam regularly on the mounting plates of frames like the Tweaker 180, Thug 180 V5, Sigan 210 or the Lumenier QAV 210 Charpu Edition:

1.) there will always be the standoffs in front of the two camera lenses - my idea would be to combine the two front standoffs into one single standoff in the middle, so the lenses are left and right of it. But theres still the following issue —>

2.) The Camera is 59mm wide. Unfortunately this will cause damage from the props because the cam is wider than that the middle plates.

So.. how would you install the blackbird 2 and what frame would you choose in order to have a small, strong and versatile 3D FPV System?

Maybe the Mitsuko from Shendrones is a better choice?

Thanks for your thoughts and all the best,