View Full Version : changes to config when switching to a full naze32 / cleanflight

8th January 2016, 02:08 AM

I got my Tankito with perfect settings for the Angle and Horizon mode on NazeAcro32 board.
I decided to switch to a Full Naze and installed Emax Skyline 32 board then loaded my backup config.

Fw I had on the unit that came with it is 1.9.0 as it shows in Cleanflight.

First issue I got after replacing boards is with motors twitching like almost full circle in idle.
Found a fix if someone has similar issue;
1) set set min_command=950 ( done via cli)
2) re-calibrate the ESCs
Solved it for me..

I want to add BARO under my ANGLE mode switch, so that I get Altitude control.
Do I need to change something in my current settings for PIDS?


I want to find out in advance, maybe someone has experience with it?
Also, do I need Mag for anything right now?

I later want to add GPS Ublox 8 that I am waiting on.