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30th March 2015, 02:36 AM
I have decided to sell my tank, I just don't use it enough and I'm sure someone would appreciate it more then me. I have done maybe 2 flights hours on it so even though it's built could benefit from some tuning including gimbal tuning. I have spent over $1600 on it and have decided to sell for $1250 posted to your door in australia. The list is as follows....

Cinetank mk1
Cinetank gimbal with ipower motors and paris sirus controller
Cinetank landing gear
Cinetank camera pod (not attached)
4 x Tmotor 2216 1100kv V2 motors
Naza M Lite flight controller with GPS
4 x Naza ESC's which I think are optio 30a
Hitec Optima 9 Reciever
3 x Nano Tech 4.0 4000mah batteries
8 x HQ props
Fatshark 5.8 250mw transmitter
FPV camera 600 tvl in case
Video switcher from fpv camera to gopro to frame your shots
Gopro transmitter cable

I think that's about it. The cinetank is a really well built multirotor it has heaps of power and as stated it just needs some fine tuning oh and you will need a 5.8 antenna for the video transmitter that's it.

I'm located in Melbourne and if your interested mdav3@hotmail dot com



6th March 2016, 11:58 PM
Hello Gyro,
Did you ever sell the Cinetank?