View Full Version : Mk2-L Carbon arms QC issue?

28th January 2015, 12:10 AM
Hi all,

I got the frame for my Mk2-L tank from ReadyMadeRC a few weeks back and I only now have some time to put everything together with parts I sourced from various places. So far so good until I reached the stage where I need to fit the plastic clamps to the carbon tubes (which isn't far ahead yet so hopefully this will be my only hurdle).

This is where I encountered two problems related to the quality control of the carbon tubes and possibly the plastic clamps as well.

First problem:
The holes in the carbon tubes for the plastic clamps to fit in and lock in place are too small so the plastic clamps couldn't sit flush to the tubes no matter how much pressure I put trying to push them together (within reason of course.. I don't want to accidentally break the tubes after all, but my hands still hurt if that's any indication). This also means the medium-length screws I'm supposed to use for this part couldn't reach through to catch on to the hex nuts at the other side.

I figured that's not a big issue, I can just file them and that does work, but it is very annoying and time consuming that I would have to do it for each and every hole on each and every tube I received in my kit.

Second problem:
This is the major one and it has practically stopped me from progressing any further in my build

The holes that were drilled into the tubes for those plastic clamps to lock on to were drilled off-center. No single tube had both ends of the holes perfectly centered, and this means I couldn't align the plastic clamps either. I don't think I could just file one side of the hole as that might cause issues with the rigidity of the motor placement once the whole thing is built-up.

Anyway, just in case my explanation isn't clear, here's a couple of pictures to illustrate my point:

57691 57690

So now.. I'm wondering if anyone has had similar problems and if so, how can this be resolved? Would FlyingCinema be willing to send me replacement tubes, for instance, or would I have to shell out extra money to buy replacement tubes which may or may not have these same issues?

I was pretty impressed with the professional nature of the packaging but now these problems come along to spoil things. :mad:

28th January 2015, 02:36 AM
Drop a note to FC's support email address.

I had a similar issue and had an excellent experience with David's speedy response.

31st January 2015, 10:58 AM
Taken care off, will ship out first thing this Monday.

1st February 2015, 11:31 PM
Much appreciated for the support! :)
Can't wait to get back to building my tank.