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16th August 2014, 04:18 PM
HIEE RM5833B 5.8G Diversity FPV 7" monitor


First clip. Straight out of the box. I attach the antennas,turn it on,and hit the scan button. That is it.
I did not even get the protective plastic off the screen. Very easy to use.

Second clip is a comparison between the improved screen with increased brightness and the V1 version. You can easily see the increase in overall screen brightness from the monitor on the left. I have not changed a thing on either monitor. Open the box.Attach the antennas. Turn in on. Hit scan and there you have it.


Channel Scanning feature. At the push of a button,the RM5833B rolls through all channels and automatically locks on to the strongest source.

Nice and bright 600cd/m2 screen. A jump in performance over the V1

Built-in 7.4v 1500MAH li battery and wall charger.

Diversity feature to get the best signal.

5.8ghz 32ch compatible with most fpv transmitters.

An out for both built in RXs as well as the diversity.
1.Screen size:7"
2.Screen style: TFT LCD screen
3.Physical resolution: 800 x 480
4.Brightness: 400-450cd/㎡
5.Contrast: 500:1
6.Visual angle: 70°/70° 50°/70°(Level/Vertical)
7.Working voltage: DC 2S-6S(Circular plug,inner positive &outside negative),
8.Built-in lipo battery: 7.4V 1500MAH
9. input power:7.2W(DC 12V)
10.Dimension: 178mm x 118mm x 25mm
11 5.8G diversity feature, the stronger wireless signal first
12.Support output for two 5.8G RF AV OUT, one input for AV IN
13.Support 10 languages menu selection
14.Working temperature: -10℃~+ 65 ℃
15.Operation of key-press:
1)The RF key is used to adjust the frequency group (A.B.E.F)
2)The SCAN key for automatic scanning channel .
3)The CH key is to adjust channels from CH1 to CH8
4)Press the+ - key to adjust the brightness.
5)Press key 3 seconds to switch it on, press again to power off.
6)MENU key: press MENU button to enter the menu , then press the MENU key to select the menu items,
following press the + -button to adjust the menu items' coefficient .
16. Three methods to exit menu :
1)Long press MENU key to exit the menu for 3-4 seconds .
2)Without doing anything for 5 seconds to exit the menu automatically .
3)Select the exiting item for the menu,and then press the + - key to exit it .
17.Frequency table by reference:

18.The right of the LED light is on when charging,correspondingly out when charging fully.
19. The blue LED light on the left side represents RF1,the red for RF2 .

1) input current for the power supply can't be less than 2000MAH
2) as for "input" : AV1 is for 5.8g signal, and AV2 for AV in
3) 16:9 with 4:3 are optional
4) 360°video rotation available

5th September 2016, 07:20 AM
Thanks for the review! I'm considering buying one of these and was trying to find more information. One quick question: Does it come with the little metal piece that slides into that groove in the back and has a tripod hole in it so that the back of the screen can be secured to a tripod or to a bracket on my transmitter? If not, what is that little piece called?