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14th August 2014, 01:40 AM
Hi guys, I just lost a mini quad with a CC3D board and figured the next one should have RTH, so I went with the Vector. I spent the day setting up the Vector on my new frame and got finished with a maiden flight. I liked a lot of the Vector but feel it needs lots of minor fixes and additions to be able to compete against the CC3D, and similar boards. Pictures of the (crammed) board are at the bottom. I tried to separate everything as much as I could... ESC's are in the middle of the frame, we'll see how it goes. Hopefully they don't over heat. Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/nXCDM


Throttle curve (see CC3D Boards) At max throttle the copter becomes unstable. Limiting the max throttle to 90% fixes this. A custom throttle curve also allows us to smooth out any irregularities in the power and hover more smoothly.

More flight Mode switches: I would like to have more flight mode switches. For each flight mode switch I would like to be able to select a different Advanced PID Gain bank. (One bank per flight mode would be great)

3D Rate + submode: 3D Rate mode + Cartesian would certainly be interesting. Why isn't this an option? Pitch forward would roll in that direction (may not move in that direction I suppose. Maybe call it something else. Could you put it in a beta section of the software to let people know it's under testing?)

Choose my own arming settings. Because I fly in Mode 4 (weird, I know) arming the copter isn't ideal. If I could have the option of "Throttle off and Roll Left/Roll Right/ Yaw Left/Yaw right/ Pitch up/Pitch down" that would be perfect.

Changeable update rate of the ESCs. It looks like it's set at 400hz by default, can I make it lower for ESCs that don't support 400hz?

Can you add knob control to the Inner/Outer loops in Advanced Gains and Settings? If it was "'Use knob?' Yes/No" If you chose yes, knob minimum value, knob maximum value.

Please add motor testing to the software side of the Airframe setup. I get where you are coming from that it might be dangerous having the USB plugged in and allowing the motors to spin, but it's probably more dangerous to force me to wear goggles to find the menu and start the motor while wearing goggles.

Raise the max 3D Direct Rates. Does it really need an upper limit?


I'd like to change the lat. and long. from DDD.MMM.SSSS to DDD.DDDD in the software (not the video menu). When I'm in the Advanced OSD Screen Setup and click the Lat. and Long., nothing happens, can you add the option there or under menu tree "Vector Config/OSD Setup/Reiever and GPS Signal/(One of the menus here)
On the Altitude Ladder, does it show barometric altitude or GPS? Can I choose between them somewhere.


Advanced Gain Settings only accept an integer. Can you add decimal maybe?

What happens if I change pitch to 150% in Controller Gains and Responsiveness and change it lower in the PID Controller gain box? Will it cancel out? How are these different? Might it be best to only allow the user to use only one box at a time? ***Found the answer to this. I have posted a quote at the bottom of this post.

Is the inner Loop for 3D Rate stabilization and the Outer loop for 2D Modes?

I haven't used any altitude hold mode, would it benefit from an advanced PID gain menu?


Please mirror ALL (at least all possible) settings and options in the video stick menu to the software.

EDIT: Here's the answer to one of the questions I posted.

"The basic gains act as a multiplier on top of the inner loop PID gains. For example, increasing the
Pitch/Elevator Basic Gain has the effect of increasing each of the Inner P, I, and D pitch gains by the same
What this means is if you decrease you basic gain from 200 to 100 (make it half as big), and at the same time double the advanced gains P I and D, you should end up at same controller setup. Than you could start increasing the basic gain again if you like.