View Full Version : TBS Pro and Gopro gimbal pan problem

9th August 2014, 05:31 AM

I'm trying to fix a problem I'm having with the gopro gimbal. I'm flying a disco pro with ezUHF ( 8 ch diverity) and 2.4 Ghz for video (tuned lawmate), connected to a TBS groundstation.

On the ground and when taking off the gopro and gimbal are nicely aligned. After take-off though the gimbal pans all the way up and tilts a little to one side and I cannot use it for making movies, other then filming the sky. The gimbal is also not responding to the pan slider I use on my Futaba 14sg when flying. It does on the ground.

I have been calibrating the gimbal on the ground by using the little gimbal call. button and have connected it to the simplebgc program and did a calibration that way. Both did not solve the problem.

I would appreciate help to solve this.

Lab Monkey
11th August 2014, 09:50 PM
Sounds as if you're profile 2 power settings are off, Did you turn them down (or off) to Calibrate in profile 2?

13th August 2014, 04:40 PM
Sounds as if you're profile 2 power settings are off, Did you turn them down (or off) to Calibrate in profile 2?

Hi, I'm not sure I understand what you mean. What I did was downloading the 2 original profiles for the TBS pro. Installed the 2.1 simplebcg software on my mac pro. Connected it to the TBS pro. Loaded profile 1 and 2 and saved them.

After that fixed the gimbal with books etc. So it was exactly aligned the way I wanted and then did both calibrations with the software 2 times. One time when profile 1 was selected and the same when profile 2 was selected.

When on the ground everything is ok and the gimbal is aligning itself correct when I give the gimbal with gopro a swing. When I take off the gimbal goes all over the place, but mainly turns to face the sky horizontally and is mostly (sometimes it does) not responding to the pan control from the handset.

Lab Monkey
13th August 2014, 09:32 PM
As it only seems to happen in flight (using more than 3 amps) it seems as though Profile 2 is either Power off or Un- calibrated, Some people turn down (read off) the power settings when Calibrating Profile 2 because of the high -pitched noise produced & forget to dial them back up again, although it seems you have this covered, Maybe trying slightly Higher power or gain settings in Profile 2 may help?.