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30th June 2014, 03:56 AM
I'm getting ready to take the plunge and in preparation I have been running a lot of power combos through eCalc, most of the published set ups give horrible run time estimates. So far the best combo I have found is Turnigy Multistar 3525-650 swinging 12-5.5 props on 3s. eCalc predicts 10 min of mixed flying time and hover at 50% throttle with a 5000mah batt. .
I have read about a lot higher KV motors running on 4 cells giving better run times but not on eCalc. What am I missing?

30th June 2014, 04:02 AM
Did you account for drive weight properly? Ecalc is very pessimistic about the flight times.. I usually add 25% to mine, but it depends on your flying style. If you fly like a maniac, it's gonna be less than that :)

30th June 2014, 04:46 AM
yup, accounted for the drive weight, i reread the instructions a few times to make sure i set everything up right.

6th July 2014, 05:46 PM
on ecalc i get 8,7 minutes of hover on 3300 cheapo zippy compacts 35 c on 9/5 graupners and 2216/9 1100 TIGERS .

that is close to real world results

try tiger 3110 on 6 s and 12er props , seems to be efficient. ecalc gives 16,5 on 3300s....at 1740 weight

tiger 2216-12 /800 4 s 3300 35 c 12/5er ( generic 1.09) 12 .1 minutes
4500 35c 16.5 minutes

7th July 2014, 04:28 PM
I posted this on another thread, but putting it here as it may help.

I just finished building my Cinetank a few days ago and I'm getting 24+ minutes (flying, not hovering) on a 6s 4amp battery.

Here are my specs:

Flying Cinema - CineTank Mk. 1 - L (Long Arm Version)
Tiger Motor MN3110-26 - KV470
Castle Creations QuadPack 25 ESC's
APC 12x4.5 props
Zippy-K Flightmax 4000mah 6S

Eagle Tree Vector w/ GPS
EZUHF 8 Channel Diversity Receiver
1500mW 1.3 GHz Tx
VAS - 1.3 GHz Bluebeam Ultra antennas
FatShark 600TVL CMOS Pan/Tilt Cam
GoPro Hero3

On the ground:
EZUHF JR-FrSky Module Transmitter
Diamond SRH771 Antenna
900MHz-1.3Ghz Rx SAW w/1258
Fat Shark 5.8GHz Ground Station Repeater
Dominator w/ 5.8GHz Rx

7th July 2014, 07:19 PM
Is that in just hover or mixed flight? That might be where I'm getting confused, lots of combos for 20+ min hover times but not many for anything longer then 8 min flying time. I think I'm just misunderstanding the different flight time estimates given by Ecalc.

8th July 2014, 03:08 AM
Mixed flight time seems to think you're whaling the throttle every few seconds. If you fly normal, take a few minutes off, if you fly a little aggressive, take about 1/3 off and if you fly like a total maniac, believe the ecalc flight time :P