View Full Version : 180 Degree Micro Pan Mount

5th December 2013, 06:50 PM

Our Micro Pan Camera Mount utilizes a strong and durable micro size digital Hitec metal gear servo with a smaller sized pan system for lighter weight and compact installations, however this smaller kit easily controls our Pan Tilt mounts with the weight of a flight camera and GoPro.

The kit is 45% lighter and 40% smaller than our Standard Pan Camera mount. Like the Standard size mount, this kit includes a solid servo mount and a ball bearing with aluminum shaft to isolate side load forces on the servo. This is a vibration free and very durable setup for any plane using pan for a flite camera and/or video camera.

Our Pan Tilt Mount can easily be added on top of this product for the ultimate Pan Tilt setup.

Kit include one micro Hitec 180 degree digital servo and pan system.

Weight including servo - 50g