View Full Version : 12v regulator for brushless gimbal?

2nd December 2013, 12:13 PM
I recently picked up a 2-axis brushless gimbal for my F550 frame from FleaBay.


The reason I went with this particular one was because the listing said it worked with my older style GoPro HD camera (not a smaller Hero3), works on 2-4s Lipo and was completely plug and play :cool:

I tested it with a small 3s pack I use for powering up my LED light strips and it worked well, but my plan was to tap into the 4s flight pack (one less thing to charge), so I soldered up a twisted cable with a JST plug and figured I was good to go, but the gimbal started making a slight buzzing sound when moving :confused:

Switched back to the 3s pack and it was dead silent.

Went back to the flight pack and got the buzzing every now and then.

Contacted the seller and he said it's good for 3s and 4s and shouldn't be a problem.

That was a week ago.

Now I get an email last night saying this:

"Dear customer,
We have checked with our supplier. Yes, you will need to reset the parameter all over again if you switch to a different power supply(3S- 4S). We suggest you stick to the 3S power supply since it's recommended or get a 12v voltage regulator so that you have steady voltage to your gimbal.


Just great :rolleyes:

I have no idea how to reconfigure anything and don't really want to mess with any firmware since there's virtually no support if I screw it up, so I guess I'm looking for some sort of regulator to bring the voltage of my 4s pack down to 3s :p