View Full Version : Stopped in to say thanks...antenna purchase

8th October 2013, 10:42 AM
Ordered a 1.2ghz crosshair to try and get more range than my blue beam ultras, and boy did it make a difference. Just started to fpv this year and was getting between 2.5-3 miles on the blue beams with my 2013 skywalker, which is pretty good I guess. Well, the other day I did the same flight, and this time I got to 3.5 miles, and there was absolutely no interference, nothing, the whole time. At 3.5 miles and 2000' agl the video was as clear as it was on the ground before takeoff. Now I know I can push out much further with confidence, Rangelink rssi was still reading 100 with the odd dip to the low 90's. I used the mad mushroom on the plane. Thanks Hugo for a great antenna.


15th October 2013, 02:15 PM
Thx Glen for the kind words.