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12th September 2013, 08:57 PM
XPLORER Quad - TAKING PRE-ORDERS HERE (http://madetofly.com.au/shop/m2f-branded-products/xplorer-pro-video-quadcopter/)

Designed from the ground up!!!

It took 4 months to design this baby and we're finally got it and extremely happy with the results.

Designed by "Team MTF" for FPV'ers + Film Makers. Everybit was thought from the placement of the easy to access ESC's, easy build, FPV TX placement, removable adaptable plate, size and more.

We thought of every possible way to make this bad boy a pleasure to build and fly!
We've teamed up with TRD (Team Rebel Designs) to give us one of the best GoPro3 brushless gimbals on the market to give you the very best of smooth locked in shots!

Team MTF
www.made2fly.com.au (http://www.made2fly.com.au)

* Frame / G10 1.5mm (Black)
* Arms / G10 6mm (Black)
* Legs / Delrin 6mm (Black)
* Size / About 490mm
* Props / Up to 10inch
* Gimbal / Beholder Lite 2 axis brushless GoPro3 Brushless Gimbal Ready to use

* 500mm motor to motor
* PNP (plug and play) design and electronics - no more soldering
* Easy to assemble frame
* Top and bottom plates isolate Vibrations to the camera using silicone bobbins
* Dedicated holes for GPS units in neat location
* Dedicated FPV TX wire hole and fitting area
* Adaptable plate when you need the extra length or additions
* Up to and more than 13mins FLIGHT TIME
* Easy to use gimbal - ready to use
* Easy access to ESC and motor for quick future upgrades
* Strong G10 material and arms - very difficult to break
* Arms made with L.E.D lights in mind. Easy to stick on. (led lights optional)
* Portable size



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13th September 2013, 04:02 AM
very impressive demo footage.

I can't see but is there some vibration dampening on the gimble/frame?

13th September 2013, 03:07 PM
Ooooooh - looks delicious!

14th September 2013, 07:35 PM
Ill make sure i take closer photos of this in the coming days.

15th September 2013, 02:52 AM
UPDATE Product page with more options. http://madetofly.com.au/shop/m2f-branded-products/xplorer-pro-video-quadcopter/

18th September 2013, 10:39 PM
Cruising with the Xplorer Pro Quad w/ Naza-M V2

18th September 2013, 10:52 PM

I know how everyone is interested in flight times so we've one some test over the past couple of days and more to come later w/video. We've done test with the spiritfly pro without FPV gear and had results of up to 13mins.

So far we've recorded these times with the following motors with this config
- 5.8ghz FPV gear
- Naza-M V2

* Spiritbird 2212 900kv with 9050 props
3300 = 8mins
3800 = 11mins
4200 = 10mins (notice this - weight to efficiencies ratio has dropped flight times)

* T-motors 2216 900kv with 9050 props
3300 = 10mins

Will update this as we go. stay tuned.

15th January 2014, 06:36 AM
Hey Guys!

I built one of these Xplorer Pro Quadcopters myself last month and it was so easy to assemble! This is my very first multirotor project and it is as advertised... No soldering required, the clean and dirty section design works and it most importantly looks slick.:cool:

Mind you I had zero knowledge on assembling this frame nor any knowledge on electronics. I started from scratch and a looooot of research!

I'm flying default PIDs and LOS for now and it flies like a treat! I anticipate a more locked-in feel when PIDs are tuned.

Here's my setup:
Frame: Xplorer Pro - Kit A - Frame Only + STAK plate
FC: SpiritFly Pro
Motors: SunnySky x2212-980kv
ESC: Spiritbird 30Amp ESC
Props: HQ Props 9x5
Battery: Made2Fly 4s 3800 mAh 35-70C
TX: FrSky Taranis
RX: FrSky X8R
Camera: GoPro Hero3 Black

Here's a time lapse video of my build:


and here's a short clip of how stable the footage is! Yes, I am aware there are oscillations and I will iron those out with PID tuning. :)
I was only able to fly back and forth here because I lost my visual aid for LOS flying (an orange ping pong ball) - didn't want to risk losing orientation and end up crashing.


I'll post my build log soon!
If you're stuck with your Xplorer build let me know and I'll help where I can! :D

What's next? I'm now considering my options for my first ever FPV setup :)