View Full Version : Connecting RVOSD to IRC 5.8 VTx

7th October 2011, 03:49 PM
Hello, I got my Range Video OSD 5 (migrating from ET), and I want to connect my ImmersionRC Tx to the RVOSD. I have a video cable wired with a Futaba style connector with video,positive,ground wired. I'm using a FSHD1 camera and so have changed the jumpers to give 5 volts to the camera.

My problem is that when I connect the TX video cable from the IRC 5.8 Tx, the TX gets very warm. I'm thinking that the problem is that I'm feeding 12v that RVOSD passes through from my 3s flight battery to the regulated 5v power output of the IRC Tx. Should I just disconnect the red cable and power my VTx directly from my flight pack bypassing RVOSD?

Many thanks for your advice.;)

7th October 2011, 04:16 PM
Well, it helps to read the manual for the RVOSD5 as well as looking at the label on the IRC Vtx, it'll tell you exactly what needs to go where. The IRC Vtx power input (BATT) accepts anything between 6-16V, hence hooking that up to the RVOSD5 output works (provided it is set to 12V), but I would personally just wire it straight to the main battery. The 5V CAM power output (!!!) on the IRC Vtx however will not survive being connected to 12V as you're now connecting an output to an output and large currents will flow destroying either the IRC Vtx, or the RVOSD5, or something else. Please keep in mind that electronics is not very tolerant to trail-and-error, so triple check before powering up to prevent dissapointments.

7th October 2011, 06:04 PM
Many thanks sassen, the manuals are not clear. Thankfully I disconnected this quickly and everything seems to be working fine. Difficult to understand wiring if you are not an engineer and manuals are not clear.

Just to be sure is this how I should wire?


Thanks for your help.