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24th June 2013, 09:10 PM
got my ads 400 in the mail today . unlike others i have my top plate http://forums.openpilot.org/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png so far everything looks to be here .

i started off building the arms and mounting the motors to them during the build .i built one half the arms ,then mounted the motor in its mount making sure motor wire position was correct before slapping the rest together .the motors are sunnysky 2212 980 kv .

heres the arms with motors and the rest of the plates




after building the arms i then put the feet on them (found out later i should have waited ,more on that then)


i then test fit my esc`s and found out i needed to make the motor outputs longer .so off came all 12 esc motor outputs to be refitted with longer wire . this took some time .

the finished esc`s .


i then proceeded to mount the esc`s on the bottom plate .


after getting them mounted i test fit the arms to be sure the new wire length was sufficient (yes i measured first...lol) .

at this point i could see it was going to get tricky ...

first i mounted the 8 standoffs (2 for each arm on each corner ) then i started to try to fit the arms on . its at this point i realized i should have waited to put the landing feet on . with the feet on i couldnt lay the arms on the lower plate ,duh.

so i took the bottom screws out and took out the spacer (this aided in hooking up the motor wires to the esc output too) and swung the feet out the way .

once i was able to lay the arms flat i proceeded to lay them in the plate .

done 2 at a time . fit the fronts on (also plugging in the motors first before placing them on)first snapped them in place then run the screws in to hold that side together .

now flip it around and repeat for the other side .since one side is already in place you need just slide the other arms in place (i had hooked the motors up on both sides prior to placing the top plate on )lock them in and screw them down .

verify that all parts snapped in place before a final snugging up ...........with the bottom spacer out for the landing feet it was much easier to plug the motors in .

when final assembly is done i will have to remove that spacer again to possibly reverse a motor or 2 .

so now the top plate is on and i fished all the wires up thru the hole



so the bottom section is complete . i had to stop to make dinner ,then after that i had to do brakes on our saturn..lol....so thats it for today .tomorrow i will mount the power distribution board then add the clean section plate over top and start final assembly .

catch you all soon.

24th June 2013, 10:24 PM
Thanks for posting pictures. i've been super busy and building another one from scratch for pictures has not been at the top of my list of things to do :(.

25th June 2013, 01:51 PM
just got home from some long driving .after relaxing for awhile i will tackle the power distro board and post pictures .

25th June 2013, 08:17 PM
ok, here we go ........got home from a outing and after a needed rest started building again . first up was to solder the esc`s to the distro board .



here it is bolted down


dont forget to get out your vom and check for shorts ,better safe than sorry


getting my large power wires in this small distro board was quite daunting and took some help from the wife(thanks wife).


but we got them in there .again ,check your work with a vom!

now since i chose to put my distro board between the plates i needed to shim out my clean plate so it had clearance and did not touch the distro board under it .that would defeat the purpose of a clean section with vibration bobbins .

so i shimmed it with small washers from my single rotor heli days i had laying around 4 shims on the bottom and 6 on top on each bobbin.


this brought the clean section plate up higher and it does not touch the distro board at all .

clean section placed and ready for control board


control board in position (sorry guys its a multiwii)


board bolted down ,receiver uglued in place(uglue works great!)and put some shrink over the little antenna leads and wires tidied up .notice i moved 2 of the servo wires up front now .forgot the lipo be butting up against that side .


top plate in place


at this point it was ready to be powered up ,so i powered it up .everything is working ! ( i had no doubt...lol) .

i have not checked motor direction yet ,just wanted to be sure it powered up and ran first .

threw some props on .


one last pic for tonight


boy these props sure do run close to the frame .and close to the gopro too . i have not yet put the gopro on it to see how close .i`m beat for the night . i might tinker a little yet but nothing major .soldering that tiny distro board was the biggest hurdle and getting it mounted down without pinching wires . enjoy the pictures .

26th June 2013, 10:20 AM
lucky me i only had to reverse 1 motor .first hover without additional weight up front wasnt very satisfactory .so i fabbed up a weight that weighs the same as my gopro in the case .

in my center of "thrust" testing it appears it balances out best with the gopro in its case ,which is a win,win for me .

this is using a 4s 3300 turnigy lipo in the back pushed as far in as it goes .

once i had counter weight up front it flew as to be expected . in order to mount the gopro in its case up front i will need a run to the hardware store for a machine bolt as the knobbed bolt that comes with the gopro will hit the prop .

this is how it looked for test hover and will remain like this until all testing is done .i still need to balance these props and mount my lipo alarm .

i added the landing gear rubber grommet feet now too.


i took a short hover video and will post it once it uploads ....................has anyone run the gopro in its case on this frame?

and was any vibration damping needed>?

26th June 2013, 10:56 AM
a quick test hover out back ,she flies!


26th June 2013, 01:58 PM
auw weight with lipo and lipo alarm 3.3 pds or 1496 grams . no vtx mounted yet or fvp cam .with a 4s 3300 30-40c turnigy i just got 8 minutes hover time and came in with 18%left on the lipo .could have pushed farther my lipo alarm did not go off.
took awhile to balance out these gemfans ,the hubs are horrible . more testing to be done before i trust it to my gopro .and the hardware store closed early .done for the day.

27th June 2013, 12:32 PM
video to follow

27th June 2013, 01:19 PM
looks great, thanks for the pics!!!

27th June 2013, 10:36 PM
youtube uploads are real slow for some reason today .video will follow when uploads speeds increase .

28th June 2013, 03:54 PM
ok, heres the test video i shot while going to get the mail...lol. not too shabby for just strapping the gopro in with some celo foam i had laying around .this is cleaner than my tbs discovery video was after many attempts .this is what i was after ,something more user friendly without spending days,hours,and many props,motor combo`s later to get decent video .

as usual just some ol LOS stuff while going for the mail .

this is a test ,just a test,had this been a real emergency ,you would have been notified


1st July 2013, 04:39 PM
getting ready for fpv (lord help me )
a 3s 460 mah lipo fits snug between the front standoffs ,very snug!

had to tape down the balance lead to get the prop to spin by ,gonna run the gopro for fpv for now .for the wider view .i zip tied the video cable to the top frame so the video cable elbow cant slip down into the prop ,theres just not enough slack for it to do that .could use just a little more weight up front for balance but it should be ok .