View Full Version : Props to the Turnigy Micro Camera

12th June 2013, 11:24 PM
Bought a Turnigy Micro Camera which is a Sony 1/3 Exview HAD CCDII 700tvl, with my first fpv gear.

the camera is in a metal case and I use it on ground RCs on pavement.

the metal case has some scuff marks from roll overs, but this last roll over was bad lol

I forgot to lower the ride height on the SCTE short course truck, first turn truck flips and first hit looks like flat pancake upside down, goggle image goes to fuzz...Yikes!

luckily & very surprisingly the camera survived, the cables from the camera and the battery both unplugged due to the camera mount breaking; a lucky weak point as it's just "plexi glass".

tough little camera takes a licking!