View Full Version : REALfpv At FPVLAB!

18th May 2013, 12:39 AM
Instead of having a bunch of threads all over I thought it would be easier to keep most everything in one place.

If you have a question specific to a frame etc. offered on my site, it can/should be posted here. If it's a more general question and you just happen to be using a product, you will probably get more diverse answers in other subforums like Rotorcraft or OSD/FC/Autopilots.

I would like to do things differently at realFPV. I'm focused on creating finely tuned, purpose driven packages that offer the highest performance possible according to the application. When components I demand are not available, I have them created when necessary to ensure this high standard of performance. A quick example is asking Tiger motor to wind me a new motor series for the 400Q frame.

IBCrazy is working with me to provide customized video solutions for products in the future. We share the same goals; design for performance first and tested on site by experienced video pilots. Because we are involved heavily in the decision making process for design, engineering, and manufacturing all the way to the end product, the end result is fantastic. It is a luxury to be able to draw something, machine it and test fly it in a matter of hours for immediate feedback.