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  1. EzUHF help/questions topic
  2. Did I kill my Immersion RC 5.8 600mW VTX?
  3. EZUHF not seen by NAZA?
  4. EZUHF on TBS Discovery Pro, Range Issues
  5. Does Ezuhf Rx handle being close to 5.8Ghz vTx ?
  6. (Still Need Help) Shorted my Futaba T7CP With EzUHF
  7. EZUHF Transmits Intermittently
  8. Ezuhf or Naza V2
  9. Head tracker setup on EzUHF
  10. ImmersionRC 600mw Transmitter won't work
  11. ImmersionRC 250mw VTX with Cyclops Storm OSD
  12. ImmersionRc Return to work
  13. Win (7) drivers for EzUHF Tx/Rx. Windows not setting EzUHF devices through COM port.
  14. Power Options for Immersion RC 5.8 600mW VTX
  15. XuGong 10 - experiencing yaw oscillations\vibrations affecting flight performance
  16. Problems with ezosd and usb!
  17. Replacement parts
  18. Help ! Attitude SD V1 + Trinity headtracker module + EzUhf + JR 9303
  19. Did I mess up/loose ezuhf range?
  20. EZUHF RSSI/LQ output
  21. EzTracker Firmware V1.14 loads very slow
  22. Ezosd kwh/mw used
  23. Immersion site
  24. EZUHF very limited range and random failsafes.
  25. Sassan ... JR Modules Stock?
  26. 600mW bad signal - horizontal black wavey line in middle of screen
  27. EzUHF binding problem
  28. EZOSD acting strange
  29. itelemetry ipad EZOSD
  30. Duo 5800V2 Receiver problems
  31. EZOSD Altitude display
  32. Trying to update firmware JR Module
  33. TinyTelemetry
  34. problem with ezuhf 4ch
  35. TBS EZOSD W/ Immersion EZOSD Firmware?
  36. EzUHF v1.50 TX not detecting PPM on power up
  37. Calculating transmitted power with RF Power Meter?
  38. Need help with TinyTelemetry and 5.8GHz 600mW Tx
  39. USB Not Work on EzUHF 8CH Receiver - Fixed
  40. JR Module + 1.50 firmware >>RSSI don't work<<
  41. Immersion RC Tools v1.39 can't get installation to work
  42. EZOSD Stopped Working
  43. EZOSD without current sensor.. questions
  44. Problems upgrading to ezuhf on tbs disco pro
  45. Poor recorded video in DVR going through Powerbox, Good video when direct from vRX
  46. EZUHF Tx Xtal error
  48. crash damaged vtx
  49. Ezuhf 12ch howto
  50. Trying to hook up EZuhf to wkm
  51. OSD text interference
  52. Wrong forum
  53. EzUHF Rx 1.50 - PPM1 on CH2 is not working with PPM Muxed enabled
  54. EzUHF Rx 1.50 - PPM12 is not working on any Channel of Rx
  55. Servo jittering/shaking and not responding problem with EZUHF&Futaba 10CAG
  56. So is it ezuhf JR module supposed to beep while in range testing mode?
  57. Immersionrc 25mw vtx on my ground station has white banding on the osd writing
  58. EzUHF Rx 1.50 - Link does not work
  59. scan advise
  60. Spectrum scans. Shouldn´t there be more difference?
  61. EzUHF Tx not remembering bind...
  62. TrackR2 Futaba T9CP and Rangelink
  63. Issue with ezuhf to get long distance
  64. Question about the Immersion Player PlaneIcon
  65. EzUHF Tx 1.5 (6) Channel Selector Not selectable
  66. Burnt EzUHF Diversity RX
  67. ezuhf tx With big powerglitch in power connector
  68. ezuhf driver firmware update (extreme noob edition)
  69. 100 yard fail safes
  70. DOA EzUHF Rx
  71. Trouble with horizontal line interference.
  72. is there an immersion 2.4 vtx and vrx coming out?
  73. Ezuhf 8ch receiver lite problem?
  74. How about a mini 5.8Ghz +-200mw VTX from ImmersionRC?
  75. power filter in current sensor, EzOSD or Vtx?
  76. EZOSD No rate of climb display
  77. EzUHF RSSI and range problems
  78. Immersion I Telemetry
  79. EzUhf Diversity Receiver and a crash
  80. EzUHF Rx 8 Ch. Lite
  81. Orientation IRC 600mw vtl with spironet
  82. EzUHF Diversity RX – antennas mount
  83. Turnigy 9XR with JR module lost bind.
  84. IRC VTx 600mW - very bad picture quality
  85. Fat Shark Attitude on a hexicopter
  86. ezUHF, range/failsafe problem, or just to be expected?
  87. Ezosd + Ezantenna + very good Vtx + very good Vrx : 0 Good packets .... why ?
  88. EzUHF 4ch lite range problem
  89. Ezuhf on futaba do that turn of the 2.4ghz?
  90. EZUHF 8CH Diversity RX issue - CH 7&8 linked!
  91. ezuhf going into failsafe 10' away
  92. What cable to use between fatshak goggles & ipod for Itelemertyfpv app?
  93. ImmersionRC 5.8GHz 600MW Transmitter works, but 50' max range out of the box
  94. ImmersionRC 600mW VTX -> Eagle Tree Vector wiring?
  95. Brand new 600mw VTX has strange color
  96. ImmersionRC 600mW VTX - How hot should it be?
  97. SwillHide - RSSI at 1meter?
  98. Constant lockouts at 200 meters
  99. Bad EzOSD Problem
  100. EzOSD GPS trouble
  101. EzUHF Jr / 4chRx / Blackout MiniH Fail Safe at 30m
  102. EzUHF JR (9XR/TARANIS) Strange behaviour
  103. ImmersionRC EZUhf RSSI Configuration
  104. tx power levels
  105. Correct power fliter value
  106. EzUHF ?'s
  107. Ezuhf data shows but gray screen otherwise
  108. New EzUHF Tx with 8ch. light Rx, all servo are pulsing/jumping
  109. ezUHF tx & rx 8 ch (range issue)
  110. 4ch Rx possibly damaged due to faulty antenna?
  111. EZOSD Itelemetry on Android S4 (ReadyMadeRC Cable) trough Immersionrc DUO V3
  112. ezTracker does not track
  113. TinyTelemetry is not operating at 10Hz
  114. IMRC Repairs -- how to open a ticket
  115. ezuhf uk firmware
  116. Upgraded Tx500 and now it refuses to enter bind mode
  117. Any concern with running 6v into a 4ch EZUHF receiver vs. the normal 5v?
  118. Ezuhf ppm eagle tree pro configuration
  119. ImmersionRC 5800Uno Receiver
  120. Help, 8 channel Diversity RX
  121. EZUHF antenna faulty (broken)
  122. Problem with 8ch diversity
  123. 8 Channel Diversity issue - Discovery Pro
  124. My skywalker is dead (see crash video). Why RVOSD 5 without reason pointed nose down?
  125. dead EzUHF Rx
  126. Timing Problem?
  127. EzUHF Tx LED flashing continuously
  128. Gone through two Immersion 5.8/600 transmitters
  129. POwer meter
  130. Taranis steup with Jr Ezuhf module Help
  131. Tiny telemetry not sending packets
  132. test TX Jr module
  133. Can't update Firmware on EzUHF 8 Ch Lite
  134. PPM10 or PPM12 on Naza M V2 does not work
  135. 600mw vtx and powermeter, lower than should be? What freq does the PM use to calculat
  136. EzUHF JR modual quit after binding Rx
  137. EzOSD is videoless
  138. Can't enter bind mode on EzUHF TX
  139. Immersion EZUHF Transmitter not working
  140. Immersion ground station, how to mount
  141. EzUHF- Immersion Tools Driver?
  142. EzUHF 4CH RX - RSSI ouput - Naze32
  143. ImmersionRC RF Power Meter - lack of readings
  144. ImmersionRC 600mW vTX Operating temp - After 5 min, it's 165F on the upper part
  145. EZOSD rssi "tu value"
  146. EzUHF JR version, EzOSD, 200m Failsafe
  147. Failsafe stopped working, after installing Fatshark Attitude
  148. ImmersionRC 600mw vtx short range
  149. Wrong firmware installed
  150. 5-pin Molex Picoblade
  151. EzUHF Range issue + All testing, Setup & Spectrum analysis info
  152. Immerson 600mw 5.8 LED going out
  153. 600mW vtx low power output, defective unit?
  154. Cost of a Repair?
  155. ezuhf jr modul
  156. my vtx 600mw don't work!
  157. IBCrazy dipoles and EZUHF diversity
  158. Upgraded to EZuhf RX now got twitching
  159. EZOSD Current Sensor Issue
  160. How to connect 5.8 Imrc to tbs disco?
  161. How To get RSSI value from Immersion Uno or Duo 5800 v4
  162. EzUHF drop and lockouts
  163. EZ antenna V2
  164. Tracker v2 questions
  165. EZUhf delayed throttle response?
  166. Powermeter Flashing wrong value on power on
  167. EZUHF Range Problem When Testing.
  168. Brand new IMRC 600mw reading under 500mw :(
  169. Lost telemetry data from EZUHF 8 ch Diversity Rx
  170. EzOSD not OSD-ing
  171. Immersion RC 600mw 5.8 Ghz transmission problem
  172. Complete noob sorry if it's a simple answer
  173. Magic smoke found its way out of EZUHF diversity reciver
  174. ImmersionRC 600mW crashed coil
  175. 5.8Ghz Transmitter not holding channels...
  176. ezOSD Not showing video
  177. stupid mistake, put 12v into 5v out
  178. 8CH Lite RSSI output inverted
  179. EzOSD, what is going on?
  180. Antenna tracker v3 with other Vrx like 1.2 or 900
  181. Duo5800 V3 is non-cooperative
  182. Immersion 5.8 600mw TX Failures
  183. Telemetry issue.
  184. Antenna Tracker v1 manual
  185. Updated fw to 1.51 EZUHF TX now continuous tone.
  186. EZUHF 4ch cased version?
  187. ImmersionRC Duo 5800 v4 - Transient Glitching
  188. EzUHF transmitter intermittent signal loss
  189. EzUHF – 8 Channel ‘Lite’ Receiver Problem... I think!
  191. battery for UNO 5800 5.8Ghz receiver?
  192. EZUHF JR Module Inop
  193. V1 2.4 VTX outputs 175MW
  194. EzUHF 8CH Lite Power?
  195. XuGong V2/Pro Gimbal does not work
  196. 8CH Diversity Rx - plugged ESC incorrectly
  197. EzOSD Timer display and RSSI question...
  198. Dumb thumbed a power meter
  199. Ez Antenna Tracker - Servo setup
  200. Can't reverse channels with EZUHF and DX9?? Help!
  201. Help required for video interference...
  202. Can I use ezUHF in CHINA?
  203. NO DEVICE FOUND ! EzUHF JR Module
  204. Incompatable firmware for Xugong V2
  205. Stock VTX Antenna's
  206. Extending Antenna
  207. 4ch lite receiver problem
  208. Need help confirming SMA-RPSMA adapter
  209. EzUhf Interference Wizard results...
  210. ImmersionRC EzUHF signal loss
  211. HELP! How to get replacement arm for XuGong Pro V2 10"
  212. Looking for Someone to Build Me a XuGong v2/Pro Foldable Quadcopter
  213. Reduced range with new EzUHF Jr
  214. Black screeen issue with 5.8ghz setup
  215. Accidentally power EZUHF TX without antenna on? Help!
  216. Am I SOL?
  217. 1.51 beta
  218. 1.50 and 1.51 Firmware Issues
  219. Range problem on xugong with ezuhf and jr module
  220. ImmersionRC Duo V3 Misbehaving -
  221. need ID of 5.8 600mw vtx part please
  222. Need help. Poor motor response in new xugong v2
  223. XuGong v2/pro - EzUHF UpStat Configuration via PPM
  224. need help configuring ezuhf rx
  225. Can I repair my 600mw vtx?
  226. Lost contact with item which sent to factory for repair
  227. XuGong v2 vtx questions
  228. ez-uhf multiple rx to tx binds possible?
  229. ezuhf ppm rssi
  230. Xugong Pro V2 + Xugong Brushless gimbal tilt ?!?
  231. help with 8ch diversity receiver
  232. Firmware update XuGong v2
  233. JR module disconnect when switching power from low to high?
  234. 500mW 2.4GHz defect / part missing
  235. Uno-5800 GS-Link Power Question
  236. Jr Module
  237. JR Module starts beeping after PC connection
  238. Immersion tv Uno5800 v2 rolling picture
  239. 5.8 600mw Range issue?
  240. Upstat not decoded, no rssi values - Xugong V2
  241. Firmware Update Question
  242. Connecting JR Module to PC
  243. Xugong v2 brushless gimbal replacement parts
  244. no red light on Immersion 600mw 5.8
  245. EZUhf JR Module and 8 Chan diversity range issue
  246. Immersion 600mw Transmitter
  247. EZOSD and current sensor fried after connecting 6S?
  248. Still faulty 4ch RX
  249. XuGong Pro and FrSky 8XR
  250. No Power on my ESC or my PMU with Xugong V2