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  1. TBS Discovery Pro Problems with gimbal, video transmission, and PPM/Traditional setup
  3. Missing Components on New DiscoPro
  4. Brokerage Shipping Fees UPS?????
  5. Naza M 2 Problem
  6. Reverse prop mount?
  7. Crazy gimbal about to make me crazy! help plz
  8. Orders shipping before the New Year?
  9. TBS69 cam black and white scrolling screen
  10. tbs webshop on Holiday?
  11. Updated tbs pro gimbal to 2.3 need 2.1 firmware
  12. Lawmate Transmitter Fatshark PSU
  13. How long is it until an order is deemed lost?
  14. Strange Tracking Number
  15. Gimble shaking and making loud noise when throttle is increased
  16. TBS Shipping now?
  17. Strange current sensor problem
  18. Another Tracking Problem
  19. Gimbal control off tx
  20. TBS69 CAM what is the white wire ?
  21. Gopro filters - trappy?
  22. Gimbal upgrade mount
  23. Kit on its way, what about the needed cables?
  24. Roll motor pulsating (oscillating)
  25. [solved]tbs pictures and copyright
  26. Current sensor on TBS discovery is undercounting Mah used.
  27. TBS 59 board damage
  28. Website down?
  29. TBS website down?
  30. Video feed wiring?
  31. TBSOSD
  32. ordering from TBS
  33. Replacement parts or new gimbal.
  34. Order shipping question, out of stock items
  35. Slow TBS Support
  36. shipping
  37. Problem with UPS shipment
  38. paying 3x the price of an item??
  39. Tbs disco pro gimbal upgrade settings?
  40. TBS Caipirinha 2000 kv Motor Problem: Prop Adaptor Keeps Falling Off
  41. Gopro link cable
  42. TBS Core OSD gopro mode
  43. LAWMATE 2G4 RX (TUNED) 3,5mm pin layout
  44. Bad IMU or Core
  45. Bad bulletproof esc (defective)
  46. Disco and DJI iOSD-mini
  47. Tuned 2.4Ghz System - Video Breakup - Solved
  48. Trappy: $65 UPS fee for Disco Pro Set in USA - Normal ?
  49. Just made an order --- How do I view it?
  50. Tuned 2.4Ghz System - Video Breakup - FPV cam board short?
  51. Bullshit UPS fee
  52. So excited
  53. video pad on top plate burned off
  54. TBS shipping, dispatch and stock questions
  55. GPS Antennas on top plate?
  56. IOC, no Gimbal Roll
  57. Bad motor
  58. esc bulletproof problem, calibration
  59. TBS Tuned 2G4 VRx
  60. TBS GIMBAL - doesn't work [youtube movie]
  61. TBS Disco Pro Camera Switch with Taranis Switch E
  62. I am a UPS Exception!
  63. Chipchip V2 camera menu in Chinese!
  64. TBS Caipirinha wont fly :-(
  65. FPV camera issues
  66. TBS Discovery PRO + NAZA2 - GPS LOCATION?
  67. GoPro Link Board / 3-pin 1.25mm Molex PicoBlade
  68. Broken connector on tuned video tx
  69. TBS EzOSD firmware updates?
  71. Blinking Red LED Not Arming Motors
  72. Lawmate 2.4 TX (Stock) Wiring - How to connect correctly?
  73. TBS PRO problem, who helps me?
  74. DIsco shakes like crazy with gimbal mounted
  75. DiscoPro Twitching During Flight
  76. Link to CHiPCHiP V2 manual
  77. Naza Lite GPS not locking
  78. How to cancel order for Discovery Pro?
  79. TBS Discovery pro Grey screen
  80. Discovery Pro long Range Set - Questions
  81. No response to two different support ticket requests- trying to get some service here
  82. web integration and support
  83. TBS Core noise EZuhf
  84. Gimble rotating back and forth to the extremes of travel
  85. Order Placed 9 days ago - hasn't shipped - tried support ticket
  87. Can I mix old TBS 30a ESC with New(er) TBS Bulletproof ESCs?
  88. What's in stock and what's not?
  89. New Disco Pro - Can't get any video
  90. TBS lipo 4500 mAh real capacity
  91. Why is my support ticket closed? Issue not resolved, no replacement shipped!
  92. Ordering system needs a bit of a tweak!
  93. HELP with pitch control for alexmos board.
  94. Garantie TBS69 Cam
  95. Could someone look into my ticket please #698713
  96. Video interference???
  97. Searching for 1 x TBS ESC 30A (original version not bulletproof)
  98. Out of stock rant
  99. TBS core dead? Discovery Pro
  100. Where to get a cool TBS T-SHIRT?
  101. TBS EZOSD Firmware
  102. Is my battery ok?
  103. TBS Pro LRS Upgrade?
  104. TBS Boss Up in Smoke!
  105. Discovery Pro top plate question
  106. TBS caipi problems
  107. Trouble getting the cg on the caipirinha
  108. TBS Discovery with Core Issue
  109. Lawmate 2.4 tx tuned
  110. Battery life
  111. TBS Discovery Pro and Lawmate 2.4GHz 500mW very bad picture
  112. gimbal went dead after plugging in new fpv camera
  113. Naza-M V1 with Futaba S-Bus RX (R6208SB), Direct works, Top/Bottom Connection not?
  114. Couple of questions/ opinions wanted.
  115. I miss a screw, I can't fly
  116. Loose / wobbly motor. Opinions and thoughts required.
  117. Disco Pro Gimbal problem: pitch control not working with Futaba FX-32 tx +7008SB rx
  118. TBS Modded EzUHF intermittent signal.
  119. Dead Ground Station
  120. TBS Dom RX compatibility with Dom V2s?
  121. TBS Pre-built Discos
  122. TBS Discovery PRO stability problem
  123. Core LEDs go out when transmitter connected?
  124. TBS ground station - Audio Noise
  125. Help! I'm Traveling Soon and Gimbal is Freaking Out
  126. TBS ezosd rssi question
  127. TBS69 camera
  128. Disco Pro Core Bad??
  129. DJI naza take-off problem (flipps during take-off)
  130. Gimbal Jam problem
  131. Disco Pro No Video FPV-cam
  132. Sending item back to HongKong from Germany, whats the best way?
  133. Gimbal 90 Tilt shaking / wobbls
  134. When are the tuned Lawmate vtxs expected back in stock?
  135. EzUHF and Disco Pro PPM wiring swicht and gimbal
  136. TBS Core PNP 50 solder pads
  137. TBS FPV Setup - Is My Wiring Correct?
  138. TBS FPV Setup - Is My Wiring Correct?
  139. Issue Resolved! Please ignore!
  140. Disco Pro OSD RSSI link no longer working
  141. ESC burned to a crisp
  142. TBS Core RF Tin Shield soldered too early - not configured
  143. TBS Boss TX power way too low?
  144. OSD position incorrect
  145. Using Tbs groundstation as monitor connecting to 5.8ghz video rc
  146. Australian Support for TBS Product
  147. Batteries
  148. Majic smoke from esc
  149. ESC problem after crash
  150. TBS Disco Pro rssi/control problems
  151. UPS Saver Exception.. order held due to batteries. Order 125785
  152. Do I have a bad core or something else?
  153. Shipping within Hong Kong
  154. UPS charges vague extra costs
  155. TBS Pro and Gopro gimbal pan problem
  156. Strange problem with video link 5.8GHz an RC control 2.4GHz
  157. Gimbal / IMU Fried?
  158. GS and Greenhorn problem
  159. Tbs pro setup with rangelink and gimbal help required
  160. Tbs pro aerial mob extension !
  161. What kind of crappy support is this?
  162. [after a crash] TBS disco pro - Yaw drifting to the left -
  163. TBS ESC too hot
  164. TBS core pnp pro with immersionrc 600mw VTX wiring?
  165. No signal (TBS Boss, Core PNP 50, GoPro, Dominator)
  166. Tbs pro top plate dead ?
  167. Missing cables
  168. TBS Discover - Help!! PLEASE
  169. Got my Discovery Starter Set. Initial Setup Help Needed
  170. Chipchip cam setup
  171. TBS tbs900kv 2 motor spinning slower than others
  172. f550 with team blacksheep endurance mods
  173. Quick EZUHF Question....
  174. wiring for TBS Capi
  175. TBS Core Pro - Bat. Det. Failed
  176. New TBS core flickering video and poor quality video.
  177. TBS disco pro NAZA M V2 GPS Fail
  178. Simon K TBS ESC's
  179. TBS Discovery Pro no power to top plate.
  180. Disco Pro Naza v2 EZUHF - can't hover - bursts up
  181. Gimbal issues on Disco Pro
  182. Blew my ppm line
  183. Pro gimble problem
  184. Futaba Rx issues
  185. Caipirinha replacement wooden parts
  186. tbs 750 motor prop adapters
  187. 5V connectors at TBS disco Pro base plate
  188. TBS DIsco - camera mount and cable
  189. Core Pro....
  190. TBS Groundstation issue - No video on LCD, Goggles OK
  191. Disco Pro Core OSD active without a flight cam installed?
  192. Is the GoPro Hero 4 Black compatible with TBS Disco Pro?
  193. How to RESET Disco Pro Core menu settings to default
  194. Trouble Binding Taranis with X8R
  195. Discovery pro gimbal acts like a piece is warped....
  196. Replacement bearings for TBS motors?
  197. TBS Bulletproof ESC Flash? Punch out issue in Manual Mode NAZA V2
  198. How many max constant amps can I pull through Disco board ?
  199. HELP!? Cannot get new disco pro to arm motors.
  200. Bad and big issue with my brand new TBS Pro
  201. No blue lights, gimbal is limp
  202. [After Crash] Gimbal and video unresponsive
  203. TBS Discovery Pro NTSC/PAL Problem
  204. TBS PNP Core Pro GPS and Video Transmitter questions
  205. RSSI with Futaba r7008sb
  206. Gemini No Lights
  207. Shipping Speed Question
  208. Urgent retailer PW change!
  210. Disco pro no hero 4 out
  211. TBS Gemini no DSMX satellite connection
  212. Massive UHF interference spikes on TBS Discovery
  213. Camera switch troubleshooting on Discovery Pro
  214. Aerialmob Kit ESC Calibration and 5V BEC Question
  215. Forgot to put top of discovery frame in my package...
  216. No video output on RJ45 GS lead.
  217. What's that noise and another question.
  218. Help setting up TBS Disco Pro Long Range Set
  219. Dominator V2 unable to start the record function
  220. Blown current sensor Disco
  221. Disco Pro - No feed from Gopro and Gimbal shakes
  222. Voltage controls disabled on Naza assistant software
  223. 4S battery at 9,4 volt: is it definitively lost?
  224. 2g4 tuned RX no AV output
  225. 6 days and no response on ticket need help please
  226. UHF interference when camera and video transmitter connected to TBS Core
  227. TBS pro - Camera switching issue when Gopro go off
  228. Using TBS Gemini with Spektrum AR6210
  229. Small Dent in Disco Pro Core RF Tin Shield - Should I be concerned?
  230. TBS 3300 4S1P Battery and TBS Charger Issue
  231. tbs core pro no rssi/ 5v out
  232. questions from a begginer
  233. Batteries over discharged?
  234. RC-305 Frequencies???
  235. TBS Core...desoldered
  236. Test Core Pro?
  237. IOSD - Switching View
  238. BlackBox display Altidude/Distance
  239. Trappy, missing parts from order
  240. Has TBS Core Pro toasted my EzUHF RSSI port?
  241. discovery gimbal
  242. Where to locate naza with 4000mAH LIPO
  243. TBS UNIFY 2G4 500MW 16CH - Compatibility?
  244. TBS Core Pro and EzUHF 4ch.
  245. TBS Core Pro - Bat. Det. Failed GPS down and TBS Groundstation not working
  246. Connecter Type?
  247. Showed in stock when ordering
  248. Core PNP Pro Black Screen
  249. why is my tbs drifting left when i turn it left and same for the right.
  250. KV 400 Motor Issues